Here are Home Away From Home Academy, we value intelligence and our philosophy is that children can learn at all ages. We have put the “play years” to test and have been success at teaching and developing children even in their infant stage of life. It has been proven that 50% of all learning takes place between infancy and age 6 and we are committed to making that education experience valuable.

We educate child from three months to 7 years of age throughout Monmouth County. If you’re looking for a preschool for your infant or child there are a number of factors you should consider. Here are five important factors that an infant private school in Monmouth NJ should offer your child.

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Social and Emotional Development

The earlier this process starts the better. Developing these skills early will help your child grow socially. We help the development of these skills by holding and talking to your child throughout the day. Through this the child learns to focus and respond to voices. They learn simple gestures such as to smile when someone else smiles. The begin the process of sharing by learning to hand objects to others as well as learning to point or call to receive a desired object.

Language development

Being able to communicate properly is a large skill gap that many people lack. That’s why we find it valuable to start this process in the infant stage. To start developing language skills, we talk to your baby throughout the day and encourage him/her to respond. Soon enough, your baby starts to respond by making and repeating sounds in an effort to communicate. They also start to laugh and learn social cues. Additionally, we read and sing to the child. They will be read age-appropriate books and be able to look and touch the pages as they are being read to.

Cognitive Development

It’s never too early to start these skills. Your child will start to learn about and understand the concept of matching and sorting objects. Through this they will start to develop their hand-eye coordination skills. They will start to understand to look when they hear a sound and look for an object after it falls.

Motor skill development

Your baby will start to develop his or her muscles throughout various movements and activities. Large muscles will be developed as your baby learns to hold up both head and chest while lying on his/her stomach. He or she will also start to roll from back to side, and to start crawling on his/her stomach. Your baby will start pulling up and begin sitting on his/her own.

Smaller muscles are developed as your baby learns to hold objects such as a rattle in his/her hand. He or she will begin to follow a moving object from side to side, and pass an object from one hand to the other. Your baby will learn to use his/her index finger and thumb to pick up small items.

Listening Skills

Through talking, reading, singing, music and other sounds, your baby will start to listen. They will learn to understand where a sound is coming from and to look in that direction when they hear something.

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Infants thrive on attention, verbal stimulation, tactile stimulation, and overall positive encouragement each and every day. Make sure your child is in the hands of a professional that cares about his or her development throughout the early stages of life. Home Away From Home Academy has been a private preschool in New Jersey for 25 years. We provide advanced education to children from three months to seven years of age. Our goal is to advance and enhance the development of a positive self-esteem in each of our students. We’re always looking to grow our family so give us a call and book a tour today!