What are the qualities in assessing the top private preschools in NJ? We believe part of the success lies in the curriculum set in place for all the students. Certified teachers customize the curriculum to their students for them to excel. At HAFHA we set forth an effective and engaging curriculum for every grade level from preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, and onward. Every part of the curriculum is integrated together for students development of the following factors.

Social & Emotional Development

The goal for every preschooler is to develop their identity. Children are beginning to branch out to other children. For some students, this may be the first time that they are interacting with other children of their own age on a daily basis. From playing with other children, personal skills such as sharing toys, expressing feelings, and cooperating in groups are learned.

Language Development

This is the age where the vocabulary is beginning to expand, and quickly. Children are excited to learn new vocab words and begin using these descriptive words in everyday sentences. Your child’s listening skills have never been greater than in the classroom setting from teacher readings. Remember that listening skills come before reading skills.

The goal of a Holmdel preschool, Aberdeen preschool, or any top preschool in NJ is to teach their students how to use the new language skills learned into everyday communication.

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Cognitive Development

Our preschoolers are starting to remember and recall more information. They are beginning to draw reference of the skills and concepts that we taught in problem-solving. At this point, each student is starting to become more independent. The simple task of taking off and putting on their jacket is just the beginning of practical skills to be mentally taught. We prepare our preschoolers to view and spot the differences between photographs and recognize items in pairs.

Motor Skill Development

HAFHA understands being a top private preschool in NJ means promoting exercise and healthy lifestyle. We offer plenty of opportunities for our students to exercise, run around, jump, and climb. Teaching students how to throw, roll, and aim are simple motor skills being taugh. This hand-eye coordination goes a long way into teaching students the beginning principles of writing skills.

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Preschool Curriculum

Integrate all areas of the curriculum together is the HAFHA goal. From the moment of arrival, the education begins in the development of balancing independent discovery and hands-on guidance. All of our preschool programs are designed to ignite your child’s education. Below are 8 areas of our preschool curriculum.

Reading and Language Arts

Students are introduced to the alphabet. At HAFHA, we introduce two new letters every month. This recognition teaches students the letters of their name and prepares them for reading.


The power of music is not overlooked at HAFHA, preschoolers learn the importance of music appreciation. Hand movements are a branch of motor skills that are learned as self-esteem, poise, and confidence are built from musical performances.


Students begin to learn the “how and why” questions. Certified teachers participate in fun science experiments as new themes are introduced every month.


Numbers 1-20 are taught until students fully have a grasp on the mathematical concepts to reference into problem solving.


Students are read to on a daily basis. Every preschooler at HAFHA has the opportunity to read to one another by interpretation through illustrations.

Social Studies

This area of the curriculum exposes students to many cultures from around the world through teaching of maps, globes, and books.


Preschoolers are encouraged to try different art techniques to express themselves without criticism. Art enhances the hand-eye coordination among other motor skills too.


There are computers in every classroom. Students learn how these technical machines work and how to take care of computers. At HAFHA there is no shortage of preschool-friendly interactive programs for children to utilize.

At HAFHA our focus is on activity-based learning, planned around a growing child’s need for learning while doing.  At this early age, you’ll see children problem-solving, developing pre-reading and reading readiness skills, and exploring math and science concepts.  At the same time, our preschoolers learn to appreciate literature, develop computer skills, draw, sing, and express a sense of humor.

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