Even if you find the top Holmdel preschool for your child, it’s still hard to let go. Many parents have doubts about whether they should even send their child to preschool. We assure you that when you select a preschool that does its job well, your child will be much better for it. If you still need some convincing, here are a few reasons why you should enroll your child in preschool.

Top Holmdel Preschool

1. Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten | Top Holmdel Preschool

While we know you want the best educational future for your child, we know you don’t want them to grow up too fast. Children should have the time to stay young and play, but should also have some opportunities to grow. A good preschool should offer you both. Preschools are meant to give your child a creative and fun place where they can grow with others. They should have plenty of time to play and enjoy being kids, while also receiving a good foundation of learning before grade school. Kindergarten also teaches a lot more pre-literacy and math concepts than it used to. Preschool should help your child to be more prepared for these classes rather than overwhelmed.

2. Opportunities for Social and Emotional Development

While it may be hard to let go a little, three and four-year-olds are capable of forming relationships with adults other than their parents. A quality preschool will also value the child-parent relationship just as much, if not more so, than the teacher-student relationship. The teachers will treat your child with as much care and support as you do, and will encourage your relationship with your child to grow. Children tend to have more success in school when their teachers care as much as their parents. A quality preschool will help your child grow by supporting them, and involving you in their academic learning.

Good preschools also know when to give your child a little more space to learn on their own. Preschools give your child more opportunities to interact with children their age, and to navigate the joys and frustrations of friendship. Teachers will give your child space when they need it, and will step in to lovingly help them learn from their mistakes. These early years of social and emotional development will help set a foundation for how they will interact with their peers and superiors.

3. Children Learn to Take Care of Themselves | Top Holmdel Preschool

Your child becomes more confident the more s/he learns how to do things themselves, and how to help others. Preschool teaches children how to clean up after themselves and encourages them to complete chores such as cleaning a chalkboard, setting up for snack time, or feeding a class pet. Good teachers will also encourage children to teach their peers who need a little help. An older preschooler can help a younger one by showing them where the books go, or passing out craft materials. This helps your child instill a sense of pride by helping others and taking care of themselves. Their self-worth grows, and they become more competent to help others around them. They learn the value of helping others.

4. Growth in Language and Cognitive Skills

Three and four-year-olds do not yet have the cognitive skills to solve problems the same way that adults do. However, preschool is a great time for children to grow and challenge themselves in ways of thinking they never had before. Slowly, a good teacher will introduce new concepts of language and questions about the world. Your child will start to form more complex sentences and become more inquisitive. Preschool gives your child plenty of opportunities to be challenged, without being frustrated.

A top Holmdel preschool will give your child creative opportunities to be themselves and grow in their own way. You won’t need to worry if you choose Home Away From Home Academy. We have been receiving outstanding recognition from parents for our programs for 25 years. Our programs help your child to grow and to move on to do great things. Visit our website to learn more.