Preschool directors are faced with all kinds of questions from a wide range of parents. Some parents may have pages upon pages of questions during the signup process, while other parents may seem to be racking their brain to come up with something. Directors want parents to know something…they want you to ask questions! Preschool teachers and directors understand that your children are the most important thing in your lives, so you deserve to know all there is to know about where your children will be staying. Here are some questions that parents often forget, but may give them some added reassurance. So next time you find yourself shopping around for a preschool, don’t forget to ask these questions:

Ask for References:

Whether you’re researching a computer to buy or a preschool to choose, it’s always wise to get some feedback from other customers, and in this case other parents. Hearing one positive story may be all the reassurance a parent needs to make a decision regarding preschools. Parents all generally worry and question the same things, so talk to a fellow parent who’s already been through the process. It may feel even better hearing it from someone besides the teachers. And if a preschool is confident in themselves and their integrity, they should be more than happy to provide references for any parent.

Ask about Involvement:

Parents will generally remember to ask the questions about diet, expense, exercise, learning, etc., but they may forget to ask about their own involvement with the preschool. As a parent, make sure you ask how you will be informed about events at the preschool and about your child’s day to day actions and behaviors. Maybe there’s a newsletter? Or maybe there are flyers around the preschool? And maybe teachers are required to fill out daily sheets tracking your child’s progress?


Questions about involvement also range to parents involvement in the classroom. Some parents may want to spend a certain amount of time with children at drop off and pick up. Is this acceptable? At what time should parents make sure to leave their children with the rest of the class? It’s important to be aware of how parent involvement can affect a child and the rest of the class. In the beginning it may be a great way to help your child adjust. However, it can also be a way of preventing independence. It truly depends on the child and on the preschool what the protocol may be.

Ask about Security:

If security isn’t directly mentioned during your tour of the preschool, take the time to ask about any alarm system within the building, about the various exits, and about fire drills. Also, is there fencing around the outside of the playground? What is the ratio of children to teachers when the kids are outside? It’s important to know that at least one teacher always has an eye on your child.


As a parent, there are always going to be things you may forget to ask. So don’t hesitate writing them down on paper and bringing them in, or even just continuing to ask questions as the months pass and your child is already enrolled. It’s important to have very open communication with the leaders of your child’s preschool, as well as with their teachers. It makes the adjustment process that much easier for the kids and for the parents. Contact us today at HAFHA for a tour of our preschool, or to ask any questions you may have regarding openings, safety, staffing, etc. We will be more than happy to help!