Every year, Home Away from Home Academy hosts Daddy and Me Day Science Fair. The elementary students demonstrate their scientific knowledge while bonding and building connections with their parents. This year the event fell on Saturday, February 7th.

Our science fair provides many purposes. Teaching our child in a fun, meaningful way while also creating relationships and building confidence. The children worked very hard on their projects, and were so proud and excited to present them to the judges!  We saw an array of scientific knowledge from volcanoes and rock candy to animals, plants, fossils, and more.

The children learned a great deal about the scientific method, and how to creatively prepare a live science experiment.

Science is one of our main academic focuses for the elementary school students among reading, language arts, mathematics, and social studies. The goal of this annual event is to showcase the scientific skills of our elementary students. By doing so, we encourage the students and help them feel a sense of accomplishment. This is very important in our overall goal here at Home Away From Home Academy. Making our students feel supported and loved is our top priority.

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