Second Grade Programs

7-8 Years Old
  • Class Overview

  • Second Grade

    Our children develop problem-solving skills appropriate for each grade’s curriculum and are given many opportunities to develop critical thinking strategies. At the same time, our elementary school students are building their own independence, individuality, and creativity.

    Through our programs, children build a deeper understanding of their social world and stretch their understanding of their environment. We celebrate their exploration through community field trips, class activities, and visitors to the classroom. Our Elementary Program has been developed to allow each child to achieve his or her highest academic and personal potential.

    • Exploring environment 
    • Understanding community
    • Building independence
    • Academic greatness  
    • Personal development
    • iPad use and digital learning
    • Age Group:
      7-8 Years Old
    • Creativity

      Our second graders are encouraged to explore their personalities.

    • Progress

      At this point in the program, our students are well above average.

    • Independence

      Children are now learning how to successfully complete tasks on their own.

    • Understanding

      Students have built a basic understanding of their communities.

    • Technology

      iPads and Apple TV’s keep our school at the forefront of technological advances.

    • Education

      Children are given the skills to reach their highest academic potential.

  • Class Sessions

    Second Grade Class Programs in Aberdeen New Jersey
  • Our students develop a greater appreciation of learning

  • Progressing through the grades, our curriculum broadens. Our Elementary Program has been developed to allow each child to achieve his or her highest academic and personal potential.

    • Full Day
      8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
    • Extended Full Day
      7:00 AM - 3:15 PM
      8:15 AM - 6:00 PM
      8:15 AM - 6:30 PM
    • Max Day
      7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
      7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Skills and Learning

    Your child continues his/her decoding, vocabulary and comprehension experience. His/her learning of fluency and expression, along with motivation to read is developed.

    Language Arts

    Your child continues grammar and spelling, and begins cursive writing development. Various writing assignments are given such as book reports, dictionary assignments, and editing skills.


    Teachers continue to emphasize your child’s manipulative conception building. His/her numeration, computation, time, money, and graphing skills are extended. Your child’s skills in addition and subtraction to double digit and triple digit levels are continued. Multiplication, division and fractions are introduced to your child.

    Science and Health

    Your child is introduced to Science lab, thematic studies such as, simple machines, weather, reptiles and space, and an evaluation of the Earth. His/her problem skills related to the causes of sickness and community needs have developed.

    Social Studies

    A focus on the people in your child’s life and their roles in society are explored. Teachers introduce your child to cooperative learning. Classroom studies include the history of the nation and government branches, continued map awareness, and globe applications.


    Your child continues reading in Spanish and verbalize at a beginner conversational level. He/she will extend his/her vocabulary and numbers, holidays, and cultural awareness. Your child will study the calendar, seasons, and months.


    Your child learns music appreciation, movement, and singing through reading music and ‘musical ear’ development.

    Physical Education

    Your child’s skills progress through game development, using increased motor control and expansion of the sports programs.


    Your child will apply keyboard skills to various programs and assemble information for content development and integration with other subjects.


    Emphasis on skill development and examination of art continues as an expression of meaning. Your child will participate in art projects at school and at home.

  • Development Hours Per Year
    • Reading75 Hours
    • Language Arts75 Hours
    • Mathematics75 Hours
    • Science and Health75 Hours
    • Social Studies75 Hours
    • Spanish50 Hours
    • Music50 Hours
    • Physical Education100 Hours
    • Computers50 Hours
    • Art50 Hours
    • My two children attended Home Away From Home academy and had an excellent pre-school education. One is now a junior in HS and one is a cadet at West Point, The US Military Academy and doing wonderful things …making positive contributions to society. I truly believe an excellent beginning…creating life learners is a major factor. Thank you. I still have their progress reports from Mrs. Phyllis. My 4 year old son told her he was a mathematician at the time. He is now studying engineering. Forever grateful

      The Robinsons
    • It is a great place for the kids to be in. The school teachers and owners are great. The curriculum is a great one that will keep the kids busy all the time and prepare them very well for the future. My kids loved it there and particularly my daughter. She was crying when she finished the last grade offered by the school. If you want a place for the kids to have the good foundation, this school is the place.

      Maha S.
    • I am certain that the superior education my children are receiving at Home Away From Home Academy will provide them with a solid foundation for their future. Everyday I know that my children’s best interests are a primary concern.

      Lisa Waters
    • HAFHA is a truly special place. My three children are happy, and I have seen them grow emotionally, socially, and educationally since entering the school

      Lauren Healey
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