Has a winter storm got you and your little one home for the day? If your child attends a private preschool in Holmdel, you’re no stranger to snow days. Kids love when school is canceled because they get to stay home and have fun all day. However, just because your child is home doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Snow days provide excellent opportunities for your child to learn from home while still having a ton of fun!

Involve Some Science

Snow days are the perfect time to explain a little science to your child. They can physically see the effect that temperature has on water. Ask them to make a snowball, and then place it in a bowl and bring it inside. As it melts, you can explain to them that when ice is warmed it turns to water and when water is frozen it turns to ice.

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From there, you can ask your child what causes snow, and what makes it different from rain. It’s great way to get them thinking not only about science but also about weather patterns. If you have a world map or globe at home, you can even ask them if they can point out places where it never snows, or places where it snows all the time. That way, they can go back to their private preschool in Holmdel knowing a little bit more about the weather, temperature, and the world around them!

Make Some Art

If there’s snow on the ground, it’s a no-brainer that your little ones will be outside playing in it. In addition to having fun and getting exercise, playing in the snow is also a wonderful way to make some cool art! Rolling snowballs or making snowmen gives your children a basic understanding of shapes. But don’t stop there. Ask your preschooler to sculpt you some other shapes, like a triangle, square, or diamond.

They don’t have to feel limited by only making snowmen, either. They can try their hand at making a snow dog, snow cat, or even a snow castle! You can even make some pretty cool designs in the snow just by walking around, like a spiral or star. Making some snow art helps your child grow their imagination as well as their dexterity!

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Build Imagination

When it’s time to come inside and warm up, clear a space in the living room, pull in some chairs, and set out some cushions, blankets, and pillows. With these tools, your child can create their very own fort to cozy up in. It’s an exercise not just in imagination but also spatial awareness, which will help them at their private preschool in Monmouth County. Building and arranging objects in a way that makes sense challenges your preschooler to think dimensionally. Offer limited assistance, and see if your little one can create a fort that is structurally stable.

Find Hidden Treasure

If your little one is growing bored, grab a toy or some candy and hide it somewhere in the house. Their task is simple: find where you hid it! You can either draw them a treasure map, or simply say “warmer” or “colder.” It’s a simple activity, but it’s guaranteed to keep your little one occupied for at least a little while.

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By infusing fun snow day activities with a little bit of learning, you may find that your child will more easily retain the information. From the moment they step onto this earth, children begin learning and never stop. Every day, there is a new opportunity to learn something new and grow their awareness. This philosophy is at the core of the Visone Method and is used to guide the education of our students at Home Away From Home Academy, a private preschool in Monmouth County. We believe that learning by doing is a child’s ultimate key to success. Check out our preschool programs to learn more, or get in touch with us today!