There is always a debate as to which is better, private school or public school? It is no different with preschool. While early childhood education is important no matter where it is obtained, there are some very clear advantages to sending your child to a private preschool.

Student to Teacher Ratio

According to the national average, the student to teacher ratio in a private preschool is almost half of that of public preschools. While it is a benefit in its own right, it provides many other benefits as well.

Private preschool students get individual and personalized attention. Every child feels valued and the teacher is better able to assess the proper approach for teaching the child.

If there are more children, there are sure to be more discipline issues. The time spent disciplining one or two children is less time spent teaching the rest of the children. In a smaller class room there will be less discipline issues and more learning.

A lower student-to-teacher ratio can also encourage greater participation in class. In a larger class, it is easier for a shy student to “hide.” Conversely, in a small class, children may feel more comfortable participating in class activities.

Private Preschool Benefits

First School Experience

Your child’s first school experience can be overwhelming normally, but even more so in a public preschool. These typically have larger classes and are attached to the elementary or even the middle school with a large number of students.

The sheer volume of other children can cause your child to feel lost and possibly frightened. With so many other children to deal with the teacher may not notice and not properly address your child’s discomfort.

Because of their proximity to the elementary or middle school, a young child could be exposed to influences and experiences that parents would rather their very young children not have in terms of language, dress, and behavior.

Private preschool provides a more child sized first school experience with smaller classes and smaller overall student body. The influences and experiences a child is exposed to in private preschool will be more closely monitored, controlled and age appropriate.

Stronger Parental Involvement

It’s simple. In private preschool there are less children, hence there are fewer parents. The teacher will have more time to get to know and interact with the parents of each child. Developing a relationship with the parents will give the teacher added insight into the child.

More interaction with parents enables teachers to effectively encourage parental involvement in the child’s preschool education. Private preschools promote activities that include parents, letting them experience first-hand what and how their child is learning.

By becoming better acquainted with a child’s parents, the teacher is able to get a sense of their values and provide some consistency from home to school. This consistency benefits the development of the child’s behavior and has a positive effect on learning.

Private preschools better provide an opportunity for parents to commit themselves fully to having a say in their child’s education. Parental involvement in a child’s education can have lifelong benefits.

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Private Preschool – Owner Operated or Franchise?

In most cases, owner operated private preschools as opposed to corporate owned or franchise preschools, are more invested in your child’s education and development. Owner operated preschool are often run by people who are passionate about early childhood education and take pride in their preschool.

At an owner operated private preschool, the owner is usually on site, sometimes even teaching in the classroom. If there is an issue or concern it can be handled swiftly, rather than waiting for a response from an off-site corporate office or a school board.

As with most owner operated businesses, an environment of professionalism prevails. The same is true with an owner operated private preschool. This positive environment rubs off on the staff and ultimately the child is the one who benefits.

While it is often argued that private preschools are not regulated the way public preschools are. The truth is that while parents should always execute due diligence when choosing a preschool, most private preschools set higher standards for themselves than a regulating agency.

Home Away From Home Academy is a privately owned and operated preschool accredited by the Middle States Elementary Commission. Our staff surpasses state requirements and is certified in CPR.

HAFHA was established to promote the growth of children during the earliest and most formative years of their social, intellectual, and physical development. The owners and administrative staff continually aim to improve the quality education students and families have come to expect.

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