Planning on enrolling your child in a private Holmdel day school? That’s a big step but a wonderful opportunity for you and your child. However the first steps are always the trickiest. The first day may be a few years away or right around the corner, but either way you want to prepare for that first day of school. To help you and your family have a smooth adjustment, here are a few tips on handling the first days of day school.

Private Holmdel Day School

Before The First Day | Private Holmdel Day School


Before your child attends the day school, it is important for them to visit the center with you so they gain an understanding of what it is like. It will not appear as daunting and scary if they see it before their first day with someone they trust and love. Take a tour of the school, meet the teacher, show your child what they will be doing and where. You could even take this time to go over their schedule with them so they will know what they will be doing. Make sure there are very few surprises for your child on their first day.

Practice the Routine

Make sure you slowly make adjustments to your schedule if things will change after day care. Practice getting up in time for day care in the weeks beforehand so your child is adjusted to the sleep schedule. You also want to provide your child with as much information as possible on what to expect from day care. Go over all the details of what their day will entail. Keep it positive, but be honest with them.

Trust The Teachers

When you visited day schools you should already have met the teachers and caregivers. Obviously if you chose the school, you trust the teachers, but you need to continue to trust. Do not let yourself worry, and make sure your child knows you trust them. You want him/her to be comfortable with their teachers and bond with them as well. Let them know how great their teacher will be and help them to look forward to school.

Buy Them a Gift

A day as special as this deserves a special gift. Let your child know they are treasured and that they are taking a big step by commemorating it with a present. Preferably something they will use in school to remind them of you and their accomplishment.

On The First Day | Private Holmdel Day School

Take Your Time

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive so you can wait around before your child leaves. Make sure no one is in a rush so there is as little stress as possible. Take some time to walk around the school with your child a little before saying goodbye. Develop a routine so your child will know what to expect each day. If you start this from day one, they will be much more comfortable. You should give yourself some time to say goodbye but when you say goodbye, make it short and sweet. Your child may cry for a little, but leaving them will help more than dragging it out by returning. It’s hard, but it will not last long. When picking up your child, do the same thing. Give yourself enough time to get there in time, and develop a routine for picking them up too.

Plan Extra Bonding Time

After day care, you should plan to have a good car ride back by talking about your child’s day. Make sure you plan some extra bonding time as well with them so they still feel they are cherished and loved. Bringing them to day school should be used as an opportunity to come closer together, not further apart.

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