Considering private daycare near Holmdel is a pretty big decision for your child and your family. Many families send their kids to private daycare while they go back to work. Others choose daycare to give their child an opportunity to develop in their social and academic skills. While you consider your options, here are a few benefits as to why daycare could help both you and your child.

Private Daycare Near Holmdel

Academic Achievements | Private Daycare Near Holmdel

Studies have shown that most teenagers with higher academic standings attended some form of quality daycare around the age of four. The years before kindergarten are the most critical in a child’s cognitive and motor development. A good daycare will keep you involved in your child’s development, but your child will benefit direction and guidance from other qualified adults. These teachers will help your child get a good head start and basis for grade school. They will ensure that your child is prepared for grade school so they can have an easier transition and a positive experience of learning from a young age.

Social Development

Not only will your child receive nurturing by certified teachers, but they will also have time to grow with their peers. These playmates help each other grow through their interactions. All of these kids learn manners and social skills during this stage, and having peers to interact with always helps. Play dates also give your child these opportunities, but daycare extends this time into a structured environment. Your child will get to learn and play with kids of many different personalities. This will help your child to learn more about caring for other people, especially those they do not agree with.

A Structured Day | Private Daycare Near Holmdel

While toddler’s schedules are not strict, giving them structure helps them. Your child will enjoy the structure of the day without even realizing it. They will receive their play time, learning time, snack, and nap, and your child will enjoy this structure even more when they come home. It helps your child learn to behave themselves and know that there is a time and place for everything. They get to enjoy all the activities while slowly developing intellectually and socially.

Helps Parents

While you may be concerned trusting your child to strangers, when you choose Home Away From Home Academy, you know your child will have a fun time in an enriching environment. When you choose a private daycare you can trust, this will give you and your family more financial stability. While you may not want to leave your child, you still have a busy schedule. Having your child stay at daycare will give you the time you need to be productive so you can give your full attention to your kids after daycare. These education systems also offer support to the parents in addition to the children. We know how hard you work and how much you care for your child. We want you to get involved in every part of your child’s growth. The other parents also know how you feel, and a daycare gives you an opportunity to connect with these parents and support one another. We know your child comes first, but you need some support too for doing your job as a parent, the most difficult and rewarding job of all.

Considering Private Daycare?

Deciding to enroll your child in a private daycare near Holmdel is a difficult decision, and you want to make sure that their teachers will care for your child as much as you do. If you consider Home Away From Home Academy, we promise to value each child and work hard for their future. To learn more, visit our website or call 732-290-0033 today.