Private Daycare in Aberdeen NJDecent private childcare is a necessity for any working mother. Many feel uneasy leaving their child in a private daycare, but well run, quality program can give you the reliable childcare you need as well as be good for both your child’s health and your own. Let’s go over some benefits of taking your child to a quality private daycare.

Benefits of Private Daycare

  • Less emotional problems. Kids in private daycare whose mothers are depressed are less likely to have their own emotional problems, separation anxiety, and social withdrawal symptoms than those who are with their moms or an individual caregiver, according to a recent study.
  • An opportunity to grow. A good private daycare program can mean success in the future, particularly places where the teachers know how to handle behavioral problems and where kids are given enough learning and socialization opportunities, stimulation, and affection. Because kids are used to a schedule and routine, the transition will be more likely easier when school starts.
  • Less colds later on. According to a study, children who were in private daycare groups before 2 and half years of age had more respiratory and ear infections but were sick less often during elementary school than children who were cared for at home. This is thought to be due to the inevitable exposure to different germs from groups of children, making them more immune later on.
  • Potential to gain more intelligence. Studies show that children who are in private daycare early on have higher intellectual abilities, especially because they have opportunities for observation, parallel play and socialization.
  • Better behavior. One of the biggest benefits of private daycare is socialization, because kids have to learn how to share, solve problems and be team players.  At a quality program with teachers who have a strong education background, kids can learn to use their voices to solve conflicts.
  • Less stress the parent.  Stay-at-home moms are more likely to be sad, angry and be diagnosed with depression than working moms, according to a poll. For some moms, working isn’t an option, but if you think you will be a more calm, happy mom by returning to work, then a good private daycare might be a good option.

Looking for a Quality Private Daycare for Your Child in the Aberdeen, NJ area?

Located on the border of Holmdel and Aberdeen, HAFHA was established to promote the growth of children during the earliest and most formative years of their social, intellectual, and physical development. The owners and administrative staff continually aim to improve the quality education students and families have come to expect. The owners and director take an active part in daily operations and are readily available to answer any questions you may have. For more information on this Monmouth County private day school, you can call at (732)290-0033 or visit the website.

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