With school coming back into session, you may be wondering what preschool supplies you need to get for your toddler. Preschool is a transition time for your young child. They may feel proud to finally be going to school like a big kid. It’s important not to get too carried away with the back-to-school shopping, though. Many supplies are unnecessary and perhaps even dangerous for your toddler, especially if they’re only preschool-aged. At the same time, there are some preschool supplies you might want to consider packing for your child that you hadn’t previously thought of.

Preschool Supplies – Arts and Crafts

Preschoolers spend a large part of the day working on their arts and crafts. These activities help develop motor skills while refining shapes and letters for young children. Sending some jumbo crayons or markers with your preschooler is a good idea. The large grip is easy for youngsters to hold, and also ensures they’re not easily swallowed. If you get pencils, make sure they’re easy for your child to grip and that the points aren’t too sharp.

Preschool Supplies to Consider for Your Toddler | HAFHA

Blunt scissors with rounded edges are always a good option for toddlers. Buying them ahead of time will give your child the opportunity to practice with them at home. They can get used to holding them and cutting with them on their own time. This will help prevent frustration in the classroom. If your child is left-handed, it’s definite a good idea to buy them their own pair of scissors. Not all classrooms have scissors made for lefties, and if they do, they may only have one pair. If your child has their own pair of left-handed scissors, they can participate comfortably in all activities that require cutting.

Glue sticks are also a good choice for preschool or pre-K children. They’re easier for younger kids to control, and don’t make the same mess that liquid glue does. To keep your toddler’s clothes from being ruined, you can buy a smock or give them an oversized t-shirt to wear during arts and crafts.

Preschool Supplies – Bags and Boxes

Depending on the preschool, some writing supplies are provided while others may not be. Check with your child’s teacher or with the preschool to see if you should be providing your child with pencils, lined paper, construction paper, etc. Items like crayons, markers, pencils, and scissors can be organized in a pencil case so they don’t get lost.

One of the joys for most children come back to school time is picking out a backpack. They are no longer just the same style in an assortment of different colors to choose from. Kids now have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and images. Backpacks have become possibly the most personalized of back to school items, second perhaps only to notebooks. Together, you and your toddler can choose one that perfectly reflects their personality or interests.

Preschool Supplies – Miscellaneous

There are some items that may not immediately come to mind when packing your child’s backpack. For instance, you might want to send your child to school with a small bottle of hand sanitizer. If they haven’t mastered always thoroughly washing their hands after using the bathroom, at least this helps to ensure your child has clean hands at some point during the day.

Preschool Supplies to Consider for Your Toddler | HAFHA

A small packet of tissues may also be a good item to include in their backpack. That way your child has them nearby if the need should arise. A change of clothes is another packing consideration. Many preschools request that a child has a full change of clothes to be kept at school. Accidents happen, whether they be sickness, mud, or potty related. Should any of these situations occur, a fresh change of clothes will save him or her from embarrassment.

If your preschool has scheduled naptimes, you might want to make sure your child has his or her own rest mat to use. This will give them a soft place to lay, and you won’t have to worry so much about the germs that collect on communal mats.

To learn more about which preschool supplies you should have, reach out to the preschool. Most send out lists of necessary items, but if you’re left with questions then it’s always a good idea to ask.

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