Our Philosophy

  • Leaders in Early Childhood Education

  • Home Away From Home Academy believes that every child has an instinctive need to learn from birth. Based on recent studies the human brain utilizes 50% of its learning capacity in the first five years of life. Therefore, our intention is to combine the strongest possible academic atmosphere with a supportive, caring, and encouraging environment addressing each step of the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. It is our goal to motivate all our students to obtain a love of learning and appreciation for school through play and music. 

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  • Awakening   student‘s intellectual potential and encouraging them to communicate with confidence in their own unique voice remains our passion. We know each child is an individual and has his/her own distinctive learning abilities and growth dynamics. Our programs are designed to meet these individual needs and unique learning style of each student.

    Our mission is that every child will be known and valued along with a positive sense of self, consideration for others, a commitment to life-long learning, and that they will be rewarded with a strong sense of achievement.

    Upon completing our program, our children are not only educated, but also confident in their abilities. HAFHA creates an environment in which the children develop an optimistic attitude toward learning and they reflect their strong sense of achievement in many areas. The children obtain the very best in Early Childhood Education, and have established a solid foundation to go forward on their educational journey.

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  • We believe that the greatest atmosphere for learning is an environment that has been built on trust, compassion, loyalty and fun. HAFHA demonstrates these traits by the visible bond between student and teacher. We value each child as an individual and encourage natural curiosity and personal development.

  • Our HAFHA community is comprised of families from many different geographic and ethnic backgrounds. We encourage and celebrate our diverse culture. Every child is exposed to our “melting pot” of nationalities and we pride ourselves on learning about all traditions celebrated by our students.

    Positive discipline is the process of teaching children acceptable and appropriate behaviors by establishing clear expectations and employing reasoning tactics, which eventually lead to compromise. Our approach to discipline respects the right of the child, the group, and the adult.

    In complete cooperation with our parents and faculty, Home Away From Home Academy seeks to advance and enhance the development of each individual student, while paving the road for their future education.

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We are centrally located at:
Home Away From Home Academy
1182 Highway 34 Aberdeen, NJ 07747

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Top Features
Open Door Policy

Our school always has an open door. Feel free to come visit any day at any time.

Health and Safety

We value the health of your child. Facilities and toys are cleaned daily to avoid infections.

Positive Learning Environment

We’re here to encourage your child through all academic and personal development.

Program with After School Care

We offer extended days up to 6:30pm for children who also need after-school care.

Our Staff
Our school is accredited by the Middle States Elementary Commission. Our staff surpasses state requirements and is certified in CPR. Our full-time staff includes:
  • State Certified Teachers
  • Full-time Registered nurse
  • Speech pathologist on call
  • Child Study Team on call