• Home Away From Home Academy

    Accredited by the Middle States Elementary Commission
  • Our goal is to advance and enhance the development of positive self-esteem in each of our students through our NJ preschool programs. We help to pave the road and  to prepare for your child’s future education. Through organizations, such as Middle States Accreditation team, we are committed to finding the developmental level and learning style of each child. We are committed to designing activities which will foster growth in the areas of social and emotional development, intellectual development, and the development of physical skills.

    Home Away From Home Academy, located on the border of Holmdel and Aberdeen on Route 34, has been receiving outstanding recognition from its parents and families
    over the last 20 years.

    Public schools in the surrounding communities are commending the Academy on the outstanding programs the school is offering children from infant through second grade in the field of Early Childhood Education.

    Children who are leaving Home Away from Home Academy to continue their educational process in the public school sector, are achieving outstanding performance evaluations in each of their classes. Many are moving into the gifted programs offered by the public school system.

  • Infant Programs
    Waddler Programs
    Toddler Programs
    Pre-School Programs
    Pre-Kindergaten Programs
    Kindergaten Programs
    First Grade Programs
    Second Grade Programs
  • Summer Programs 

    In the summer, our day camps provide excellent activities that are fun and stimulating with a learning   benefit.  Summer offers an opportunity to fine-tune skills and expand to new horizons.  Creative arts, summer studies and specialty activities are just a few of the ways in which your child will enjoy the exciting months.

    The camps make full use of our facilities, as well as, some of the facilities in the neighborhood.. The staff and facility include experienced educators and specialty instructors.  By providing meaningful summer programs, parents can be assured that their child is being exceptionally well educated-and having fun during the entire year.

  • After School Activities

    The Masters Learning Center

    Focus on the educational needs of children from Kindergarten through Third Grade.  This learning Center will now allow very specialized and qualified staff of Home Away From Home Academy to focus on tutoring children on an individualized basis. Our certified teachers will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and especially evaluate their studying habits. Our Masters Learning Center will be open during the week

    School of Dance

    Learn to dance in a friendly, fun and professional atmosphere which provides students from PreSchool through Second Grade an enjoyable environment to foster personal growth and development through dance. The students will learn ballet and tap and perform two recitals a year.

    School of Karate

    Through taekwondo, we will work with the children on the development of a solid sense of self-esteem through martial art education and performance. The students, PreK through Second Grade, will earn their appropriate level color belts after successful completion of the program.

    Fit Kids

    Allow your child to spend an afternoon staying active outdoors with our very own physical education teacher! The children from PreK through Second Grade will challenge the boys and girls to their fullest potential in a variety of athletic areas including: fundamentals of organized sport, aerobics, strength, balance and agility.

    Homework Club

    As a courtesy toward Elementary students registered until 6pm or 6:30pm, students will complete their homework with a certified teacher

  • School of Music

    Our Music program is different than most programs in that instead of a one-on-one approach, it is in a group setting. One of the things that we offer is group piano.  With the technological age advancing, it is now possible to use Smart Boards and various computer/mac book applications to help create a more visual teaching method.  The children will learn to play songs using an electronic piano. They will range from popular music to classical tunes.

    Teaching Piano in a group setting has many advantages. It helps build group spirit, encourages students to listen to what they are playing and helps students learn from each other as opposed to only the instructor.  The material that is covered in group piano classes is scales, chords, rhythm, proper technique and learning a variety of songs in various genres.  It also helps build finger and arm strength, left/right hand coordination, and confidence in learning a new skill set.

    The children will also learn to play the recorder using a recently patented device to help with playing each of the keys. This will also help develop hand and eye coordination as they begin to grow.

  • Special Programs

    The school hosts an annual Grandparents Day, Daddy and Me Day, Mommy and Me Tea, Multicultural & Heritage Week Celebration, Halloween Parade, Spring Prom, Science Fair, Art Show, holiday musicals, and Graduation Play. The All About the Academy is published monthly during the school year. 

    In addition, students participate in civic, charitable and community outreach programs which have included poetry readings at Barnes & Noble, collecting donations for distribution to the troops in Iraq by the Red Cross, Holiday Express, Cinderella’s Closet and other projects featured in both print and television media. 

    These activities and special programs are developed to promote socialization, self-esteem, and an Awareness of cultural diversity.  The offer challenging learning opportunities in an accepting environment, providing outlets for individual expression and encouraging cooperation, creativity and cultural identity.

  • Introduction to Science

    Our children are born to explore and question objects and ideas that are around them. What we do is enhance and expand their thoughts and questions and develop new concepts. Our science curriculum provides the students with the experience of numerous and exciting possibilities for exploration. It is our goal to not only expand our children’s knowledge of facts, but also act as a catalyst as they discover the world around them. Hands-on science experiments are done in the classroom on various topics that go along with monthly themes.

    Our sophisticated science curriculum, begins at our pre-school level and continues through Elementary grades. For our pre-school and pre-kindergarten classes our scientists visit each class twice a month. At this time the children work on hands-on experiments. For our kindergarten through Elementary grades, our children are visited by the science teach weekly. Our annual science fair is truly an exciting experience for all children of this level.

  • Music and Movement 

    Our goal is to help your child become a creator of music, not just a consumer. We want to share the joy of music making and the appreciation of all the arts through our varied program. Music is the “International Language”. Through song you can teach and foster any subject or reach any goal that is needed at each level of education and development. 

    Advantages of Starting Young

    • This is the age of significant language development
    • Children have patience
    • Music and the enjoyment of it is still natural
    • Music can be established as a part of life
    • This is the best age for listening discrimination

    Group Instruction Works

    • Group instruction is fun and motivating is easy
    • Social-emotional development-learning from peers
    • Children become comfortable in groups and learn ease in performance in front of others

    Music Activities and Development

    • Gross motor skills, mime, games, songs, rhythmic movement
    • Small muscle coordination-finger-plays, playing of rhythm instruments, hand-eye coordination
    • Listening skills, instruments identification, styles and forms in music, expressing mood in music through movement and dance
    • Following directions in songs and games
    • Creativity with music, movement and self awareness
  • Physical Education

    Your child will learn the importance of fitness and exercise. Your child will not only be engaging in activities where he/she are using their bodies, but their minds as well.  Using the mind and body together as one will be stressed throughout the program. 

    They will also learn hygiene and nutrition through group discussion that will take place before and after physical activities.  This program will help your child gain confidence by achieving tasks using their minds and body together.  The length of the physical education class will be one hour. The first ten minutes will be dedicated to discussion on exercise, health and nutrition. The last ten minutes will be dedicated to hygiene. The remainder of time, which is 40 minutes, will be dedicated to physical activities.

    A brief overview of the physical education program is as follows:

    • Class discussion on exercise
    • Health  
    • Nutrition   
    • Hygiene
    • Stretching  
    • Balancing  
    • Hand/Eye coordination
    • Foot/Eye coordination
    • Body movement
    • Working with others through physical activities
    • Good Sportsmanship
    • Proper technique when participating in sports