We are excited to announce our mid-point reaccreditation through the year 2020; we are so proud to share the wonderful accolades that the Middle States Commission representatives sent us below:

“This is to confirm that the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools has received, reviewed, and accepted the Mid-Term Report completed for Home Away From Home Academy. The report was found to be complete, and shows evidence of faithful implementation of the strategic plan for growth and improvement.”

“You and the school’s staff are commended for maintaining an ambitious posture addressing the challenges of enrollment and marketing, financial sustainability, policy and procedural maintenance, and facility and infrastructure enhancements.   It appears that leadership and the entire school community has taken a number of positive actions to ensure the sustainability of the school program.  The focus upon your plan for growth and improvement will ensure attainment of your preferred future.” 

As part of upholding the MSCES standards we will continue to conduct periodic reviews over the progress of our goals, and goal attainment.  We will continue to strive for providing our students with every opportunity in realizing their maximum potential. 

As always we thank you, the families, for your support of our school!