There are a variety of ways to introduce music and movement in the classroom but still be educational. Is your child struggling with number recognition? Show them a number and ask them to jump that many times or run for that many seconds, while counting. This is a great fun way for children to practice number recognition. If your child likes to sing, there are great children songs on the internet to help with both letter and number recognition. “Sounds Like Fun” by Barbara Milne offers many varieties of educational songs. Musical instruments are also a good tool to use to help children recognize patterns. Use a tambourine to make a pattern and have your child repeat it. This enforces the concept of patterning.

Here at HAFHA we incorporate music and movement in our daily routine. Below are some handy, fun songs to use at home:

Numbers and Counting
10 Silly MonkeysJack Hartmann
      Add and Step On Ones RapMusic with Mar.
      The Alligator ChompJack Hartmann
      Blast OffStephanie Burton
Dancer in the MiddleColleen & Uncle Squaty
      Moving Around the ClockMusic with Mar.
      Native American Counting SongMusic, Movement & Magination
      Numbers In A Circle (10)Colleen and Uncle Squaty
      The Number MarchHap Palmer
      Rockin’ To 50Music, Movement & Magination
      Shape UpJack Hartmann
      Subtract and Step On Ones RapMusic with Mar.
      These Little Stars of MineMusic with Mar.
      Zero the Hero Exercise and CountJack Hartmann