When your child goes to Monmouth County daycare, they learn many different social, academic, and life skills while under responsible supervision. The lessons they learn shape them as a person and help them excel in life. But what exactly does your little one learn while at Monmouth County daycare?

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Monmouth County daycare – Infants

Children are never too young to start learning. When you enroll an infant into daycare in NJ, they discover important skills for early life. They learn how to listen to voices and music and are encouraged to respond appropriately. Your infant is also encouraged to crawl, hold objects, and hold their head up so they become stronger. Finally, your child learns basic social skills like sharing and responding with kindness.

Monmouth County daycare – Toddlers

At daycare in NJ, your toddler learns how to follow directions and develop self-discipline through daily routines. Toddlers start to learn basic math, such as sorting and matching. Developing math skills early in life benefits your little one down the road.

Your toddler also learns how to stay active by participating in activities like jumping, rolling, running and climbing. Doing this alongside other children improves their social skills. Your toddler also gets to roleplay and pretend with others which helps them communicate better.

Monmouth County daycare – Preschool

When your child moves up to preschool, going to a daycare in NJ provides new lessons to help them grow. Preschool age is when daycare starts to nurture your little one’s independence. By learning self-reliance and self-control, they begin to develop their individuality.

Preschool students also begin to learn skills for everyday life. They learn how to use technology and begin developing language and proper speech. They also learn how to pay attention and be aware of their surroundings.

Monmouth County daycare – Pre-Kindergarten

With your child now preparing for kindergarten, daycare in NJ focuses more on academics. Your little one explores hands-on science experiments and learns basic math. Daycare also introduces your child to a second language for the first time. Finally, at daycare, we nurture your child’s passion for learning so they can thrive in kindergarten.

Monmouth County daycare – Kindergarten

Some organizations offering daycare in NJ go beyond preschool programs. When children enter kindergarten, daycare in NJ further prepares them for their future education.  Children are taught mathematics, reading, language, science, and health.  Daycare also expands your child’s tech knowledge by working with iPads. Finally, your child learns a cultural understanding of art and how to develop creatively.

Monmouth County daycare – First Grade

In first grade, children learn how to grow and functioning members of society. They learn acceptance and awareness of social and ethnic differences, as well as how to build connections between home, school, and their community. They also have opportunities to volunteer and participate in local charity events. At daycare in NJ, your little one learns how to act as an upstanding citizen by building their social consciousness.

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Monmouth County daycare – 2nd Grade

In second grade, daycare attendees continue to improve their academic, social, and life skills all while learning independence. Second graders have the responsibility of completing tasks on their own, which helps them explore their personalities and thrive as individuals.

Monmouth County New Jersey Daycare

If you are looking into Monmouth County daycare, make sure you choose an outstanding program. At Home Away From Home Academy, we build the future one child at a time. We believe that your child will excel given the right tools, balance, and guidance that we are happy to provide. We have an open door policy, so you can visit your child at any time. Home Away From Home Academy is here to aid your child’s personal and academic development in order to become the best people they can be. Contact us to learn more about our exemplary daycare programs.