In the Infant room at HAFHA we have a loving little girl who adores her friends. She approaches each child with a smile and a big hug. Her hugs are either accepted with a big hug in return, a stiff tolerance for the affection, or a complete refusal and a push away. She hugs again and again determined to share her love with her friends. She proceeds like a little scientist, test hug, check results, test hug, test results . . . As we know, education does not always come from a book. Our little angel is learning how to negotiate different personalities and reactions to her loving embraces. She is developing a sense of social grace that can only be honed through trial and error. We have a wonderful opportunity to allow our babies to interact with one another in our activity room. We don’t have a series of pods, (multiple swings, exersaucers, jumparoos, etc.) that keep the children isolated from each other all day. That would be easier from a teacher’s standpoint. No one could get hurt if they could never touch each other! But that is not in the best interest of the children we care for. Here at HAFHA we facilitate the social and emotional education of the youngest students by helping them learn with their peers.