Infant Programs

3-18 Months Old
  • Class Overview

  • Infants

    Each day our teachers hug, hold, feed, change diapers, rock, sing, read, talk, snuggle, play music, and teach simple skills. We provide activities that will stimulate the senses and encourage learning.  After all, a child who is safe, happy and loved, is free to enjoy discovery.

    • Playing and exploring
    • Crawling, rolling and sitting
    • Touching and feeling
    • Listening and vocalizing 
    • Endless encouragement 
    • Sign language
    • Age Group:
      3-18 Months Old
    • Sharing

      Learning to hand an object to another and to point to get a desired object.

    • Emotions

      Learning to focus, respond to voices, and smile when someone else smiles.

    • Language

      Talking, singing and reading to encourage your baby to respond.

    • Understanding

      Learning to move objects, and coordinate eye and hand movements.

    • Strengthen

      Learning to hold head up, roll, crawl and hold objects in hands.

    • Listening

      Listening to the sounds of classical music, bells, musical tapes are utilized.

  • Class Sessions

    Infant Class Programs in Aberdeen New Jersey
  • Our teachers in the infant room are doing what they love

  • Our goal is to provide a loving, caring, and nurturing atmosphere that will instill a feeling of security in each parent every time a child is left in our warm and capable hands.

    • Full Day
      8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Extended Full Day
      7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
      8:45 AM - 6:00 PM
      8:45 AM - 6:30 PM
    • Full Max
      7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
      7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Skills and Learning
    Social & Emotional Development

    As we hold and talk to your baby, he/she learns to focus, respond to voices, and smile when someone else smiles. Your baby learns to hand an object to another person and to point or call to get a desired object.

    Language Development

    We will talk to your baby throughout the day, encouraging him/her to respond. Your baby starts making different sounds, repeating the same sound, and laughing out loud. We will sing and read to your baby, and age-appropriate books will be available for touching and for looking.

    Cognitive Development

    Your baby will learn to move objects, and coordinate eye and hand movements. He/she learns to look in the direction of a sound and to look for an object after is has fallen. Your baby will start sorting and matching objects.

    Motor Skill Development

    Large muscles are developed as your baby learns to hold up both head and chest while lying on his/her stomach, to roll from back to side, and to start crawling on his/her stomach. Your baby will start pulling up and begin sitting on his/her own. Smaller muscles are developed as your baby learns to hold a rattle when placed in his/her hand, to follow a moving object from side to side, and to pass an object from one hand to the other. Your baby will learn to use his/her index finger and thumb to pick up small items.

    Listening Skills

    Your baby will listen to sounds of the environment and turn towards the source of the sound. Listening to classical music, bells, musical tapes are utilized. Infants thrive on attention, verbal stimulation, tactile stimulation, and overall positive encouragement each and every day.

  • Development Hours Per Year
    • Social Skills76 Hours
    • Language Skills160 Hours
    • Cognitive Skills52 Hours
    • Motor Skills50 Hours
    • Listening Skills145 Hours
    • HAFHA is a truly special place. My three children are happy, and I have seen them grow emotionally, socially, and educationally since entering the school

      Lauren Healey
    • I am certain that the superior education my children are receiving at Home Away From Home Academy will provide them with a solid foundation for their future. Every day I know that my children’s best interests are a primary concern.

      Lisa Waters
    • It is a great place for the kids to be in. The school teachers and owners are great. The curriculum is a great one that will keep the kids busy all the time and prepare them very well for the future. My kids loved it there and particularly my daughter. She was crying when she finished the last grade offered by the school. If you want a place for the kids to have the good foundation, this school is the place.

      Maha S.
    • My two children attended Home Away From Home academy and had an excellent pre-school education. One is now a junior in HS and one is a cadet at West Point, The US Military Academy and doing wonderful things …making positive contributions to society. I truly believe an excellent beginning…creating life learners is a major factor. Thank you. I still have their progress reports from Mrs. Phyllis. My 4 year old son told her he was a mathematician at the time. He is now studying engineering. Forever grateful

      The Robinsons
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