Infant care in Holmdel has a high standard to meet. Here at Home Away From Home Academy, we are number one in caring for the very young and I will tell you why. The women who work in the Infant program love their jobs. We love to care for Infants. The love is seen in the little moments that happen throughout the day. A warm smile when a child gets up from a nap and a long soothing wake up hug. Delight in a child’s first slight shake of a head “yes”. The cozy moments when a baby is sitting in your lap reading a book. Applause when a baby learns to scoop their own yogurt into their mouths. These small moments happen continuously, every day. Sure our Infant room is immaculate. Toys are constantly sanitized. Tiny faces are always clean. Painting, coloring, and gluing art exploration are built in to the curriculum. But the sheer love for the babies, every moment, can not be written into a lesson plan. It is felt throughout the room between all of the babies and their head-over-heels in love teachers.