Fining the perfect Holmdel preschool for your child is no simple task. On the contrary, it can be very overwhelming and confusing. There are many different educational methods, curriculums and programs out there that it can be difficult to know which option is best for your child.  However, there is no need to be discouraged! There are many factors for you can consider as you look for a preschool to help determine the best course for you and your child. Below, we will going through some specific things to look for as you search for a Holmdel preschool. 

Holmdel Preschool | Things To Look For








Finding a Holmdel Preschool | The Teachers

Qualified, happy teachers: Education and training requirements for a preschool teacher vary by state and school setting. Some teachers may need only a high school diploma and certification, while others may require a college degree. Be sure to research the requirements in your state, and be sure all teachers at the preschool meet them. Ask about the teachers’ prior experience. You may also want to ask how long the teachers have been at the school. If a preschool has a high teacher turnover, it could mean the teachers are unhappy, underpaid, and/or overwhelmed.

Reputation Of The Holmdel Preschool

Though it’s always important to visit a preschool and form your own opinions of it, glowing reviews from other parents whose kids have attended mean a lot. Likewise, if you’ve heard bad things about a preschool from several parents, you might want to think twice about sending your child there.

Holmdel Preschool | The Curriculum

A good preschool has a well-planned curriculum that promotes social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive learning and development. The curriculum should include plenty of arts and crafts, music, story time, and guided activities. There should be time built in each day for outdoor play (weather permitting). Students should also be given time to play and explore on their own and in groups.

Holmdel Preschool | Check The Credentials!

Don’t overlook this important aspect! Preschools must meet state licensing regulations for health and safety in order to be licensed. Ask to see a preschool’s license, then call your state’s social services department to check that the license is current.

Holmdel Preschool | Cleanliness

Make sure the floors, walls, play equipment, and kitchen areas are clean. Food preparation areas should be far away from the bathroom. Toys and play equipment should be in good condition and sturdy, and the outdoor play area should be secure. There should be stops or bars on any upstairs windows. Be sure the building is sufficiently lit, ventilated, and heated (or cooled in the summertime). Look for working smoke detectors and covered or protected radiators and heaters. Ask if there is a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher readily available.

The Holmdel Preschool Should Be Committed To Good Health

Preschools should have a strict sick-child policy that requires kids with fevers, the flu, and other illnesses to stay home for a certain amount of time. This might be a hassle if you work, but it also helps ensure that your child won’t catch every sickness his classmates get. Teachers should be CPR- and First Aid-certified. The school should serve nutritious snacks and meals, and it should have a detailed plan in place on how to handle fires and other emergencies.

Holmdel Preschool | Parent-Teacher Relationships

If a preschool does not have an open-door policy that allows you to visit your child at any time, it could mean it has something to hide. Teachers should communicate regularly with parents and discuss any concerns about children with them. A good preschool will also involve in parents in field trips, special events, etc., and give parents opportunities to get involved in and out of the classroom.

Looking for The Best Holmdel Preschool?

If you’re looking for the best Holmdel preschool to send your child to, check out Home Away From Home Academy (HAFHA). HAFHA is well known as the best preschool in the Holmdel area because of their focus on promoting the intellectual and personal growth of preschool aged children.  The teachers principals and other staff members prioritize providing students and parents with a fun and engaging educational experience. If you would like more information, or if you have any questions, please give us a call at (732)290-0033 or visit the website.

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