What makes a top private preschool in Holmdel NJ? Aside from educating your child; is it their focus on teaching nutrition, encouraging exercise, clean environments, or parent involvement? A top private preschool in New Jersey is all of those characteristics and much more.

Being separated from your child for an extended period of the day can be difficult for parents. You have become accustomed to teaching your child from birth, but certified preschool teachers want the best education for your child as well. A top preschool should want students to remain healthy and build a healthy lifestyle that they can continue past graduation. The mind of your child is ready to be molded, choose a preschool that will not only craft your child into a well-rounded educated student, but cares about their well-being.

Nutrition Matters

Remain informed on the food that your child is consuming at school. A healthy diet is encouraged with a Holmdel preschool. This will open your child up to new and healthy foods. If your child has any food allergies, the preschool will be cautious to ensure a student does not come to contact with such food. Stay up to date on the amount and the time of when your child is eating in order to continue the schedule when your child is home.

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Exercise Matters

Earlier this year a research study revealed that preschoolers only get a total of 48 minutes per day on exercise a day. Most studies suggested that a preschooler should get at least 2 hours of exercise a day. HAFHA puts tremendous value on exercise as it keeps their students healthy on educational and emotional levels.

Exercise is not just recess and playtime, but it can be an excellent team building exercise. From playing team sports and games, children are being exposed to building communication while remaining healthy. HAFHA’s efforts are setting themselves to be one of the top preschools in NJ with their emphasis on exercise and healthy living styles.

Cleaning Matters

Cleanliness and good health go hand in hand. When a child’s immune system has yet to be fully developed, a top priority of any preschool in Holmdel should be cleanliness. Luckily at HAFHA, we provide a cleaning policy to all of our teachers. The manual will break down what needs to cleaned and specifies how often it should be done.

It’s one thing to clean but are the toys, cribs, blankets, desks, and tables being sanitized and disinfected? Rest assured that HAFHA is. Being one of the best private preschools in New Jersey, be confident that your child is in a clean environment.

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Parent Involvement

At HAFHA we can educate your child, but the parents are first teachers. Our goal is to create a relationship with the parents of our students. We encourage parents and students to participate in community service projects, as it influences a healthy lifestyle for students. If a preschool does not encourage unannounced visits from parents or guardians, do not consider that Holmdel private preschool.When parents are kept up to date on all the events and activities, parents can bring those activities home. Ask about activities and see the face of your child lighten up with your interest.

At HAFHA our preschooler focus is on activity-based learning, planned around a growing child’s need for learning. At this early age, you’ll see children problem-solving, developing pre-reading and reading readiness skills, and exploring math and science concepts.  At the same time, our preschoolers learn to appreciate literature, develop computer skills, draw, sing, and express a sense of humor.

Home Away From Home Academy is a private preschool located in Aberdeen, New Jersey. To learn more or to schedule a tour, give us a call.