The holidays are drawing nearer. It’s an exciting time for children and adults alike. Your toddler’s winter break from school is filled with fun moments with family, delicious food, and the thrill of new gifts. During this time, everyone’s schedule gets a little hectic, and parents often find themselves deviating from the normal routine. This isn’t such a big deal during the break, but jumping right back into the regular schedule in the new year can be jarring for little ones. Make sure you take the time to transition your toddler back into the daily routine before going back to preschool in Holmdel NJ. That way, the change won’t feel so abrupt and uncomfortable.

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Readjust Sleep Schedule

Sleep is just as important for toddlers as it is for adults. When getting your child ready to go back to preschool in Holmdel NJ, or anywhere else, make sure you start early when adjusting back to normal bedtimes. After a week or two of being relaxed about bedtime, your child may find it difficult to adjust when you suddenly try to get them to bed at the usual hour. This can lead to restlessness at night, which results in a cranky toddler at school the next day.

In order to get your toddler back on track, start easing their bedtime back on track a couple days before they have to go back to school. This will help the transition, so the first day of waking up early won’t seem like such a shock to the system. A full, restful night’s sleep is essential to healthy functioning of the body, no matter the age. Ensuring your child’s sleep schedule is on track before they start school will help give them the cognitive tools they need to learn.

Start the Morning Off Right

Aside from sleep, it’s also important that your toddler starts their first day off on the right foot. Wake them up a little earlier than normal, to ensure they have plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast before heading off to preschool in Holmdel NJ. A healthy breakfast filled with nutritious, whole foods will provide the fuel that your child needs to maintain an active, energetic focus throughout the day.

Breakfasts consisting of sugary cereals or snacks may be quick and convenient, but they lack sufficient nutrition and will often lead to an immediate burst of energy followed by a crash. Ensuring that your child eats a complete breakfast with beneficial whole foods will help them maintain steady energy throughout the morning and into lunchtime. This prevents the peaks and valleys that occur when fueled by sugary carbohydrates and helps your toddler make the most of their learning time.

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Get Organized

Take stock of your toddler’s school materials. Do they have enough of everything they need? Are there obsolete papers or leftover crumbs and wrappers at the bottom of their bag? Do you have plenty of snack options? Winter break is an opportune time to restock and clean up messy backpacks before the new year and the return of school.

Back to Preschool in Holmdel NJ

After spending so much time at home with family and friends, it’s not uncommon for some children to grow a little homesick during their first day back at school. As a way to prep them, talk to your child about going back to school and see how they feel about it. See if they are nervous or excited, and why. The transition shouldn’t be as jarring as the one at the start of the school year, but it’s still important to ensure your child isn’t feeling too overwhelmed.

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