Letters From Our Parents

  • Dear Carmine and Phyllis,

    Almost five years ago when I entered your school I was a very nervous, first time mother, who was completely overwhelmed by going back to work and leaving my baby. I interviewed quite a few places and when I came to your school, I was still unsure. I will never forget what Carmine told me. “Go ahead and keep on looking, I promise you that you will be back.” He said it with such confidence and certainty that I was a bit taken back, but sure enough he was right. Not only did I come back I came running back and I am sure glad I did.

    As my son, Jake DiVirgilio embarks a new chapter in his life, I could not help but feel sad that he was leaving Home Away From Home Academy. He has come so far and has been exposed to so many different types of learning. He has not only grown academically but has a love for the arts (singing and music), developed strong social and emotional skills and most importantly, he feels loved and special.

    Leaving your child in the hands of other people is not an easy thing to do, but you and your staff made that transition a little easier for me. Shortly after Jake, I had Luke and you had my two babies! They love their teachers and they love coming to school and I know they are safe. Thank you for the years and time you and your staff put into help make a difference in Jake’s life.

    As an educator, I do not take these early years lightly as I see how hard some parents have it and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have healthy children. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my husband install a love of learning, exploring, questioning and even standing up in front of an audience for my son(s)!

    All the little things do not go unnoticed. The happy faces greeting us, the teachers that told me all the time it would be okay when I left my crying child, the phone calls from the nurse to let me know my child is okay. The countless shows and performances and of course all the hugs and kisses. You should be proud of what you do, it takes a special type of person to educate and treat so many children like your own. Thank you, thank you!

    Your Truly,

    The DiVirgilio Family

    Good afternoon, 

    I just wanted to say a few things: we are fairly new at the school, but we are totally in love with it. I have a very demanding job and I am busy from the morning until I leave and because of the amazing teachers in the infant room and all of the support staff, I never have to worry about my daughter, Isabella. I am confident that she is in the best hands all day long and it eliminates a huge stress for me, not having to worry about her and just knowing that she is very well taken care of. It really allows me and my family to be able to function in all other aspects of our lives, aside from the most important one, which is Isabella. We really appreciate all that is done for our family, as her being well taken care of is truly most important to us.

    I just wanted to say thank you.

    Anna Gamza

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