Sending your child off to school can be a very emotional time for the both of you. So when looking for a Holmdel preschool it is only natural that you take your time and try to find the perfect fit. To do this, you need to fully understand what the best preschools should offer you and your child. This is more than simply good teachers or a well-known facility. Your child will be spending a good amount of time at the preschool you choose so the environment and atmosphere of the preschool should weigh heavily on your decision.

Like with most things in life, you will find that some Holmdel preschools have good reputations and others aren’t so great. However, looking into the environment of these preschool is more than just good or bad. You need to know how your child will be treated and cared for. The atmosphere overall should be positive and fun. To help you with your Holmdel preschool research, here are five environmental characteristics a quality preschool should present.


Through preschool and early childhood development, your child is in the fragile stages of life. They are learning about the world and their surroundings. Children need to be around loving and caring in order to understand it. Furthermore, children will thrive in a loving environment because they will feel more comfortable.

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Our goal at HAFHA and what should be a goal of every preschool is to grow children into the unique individual they are and have them be proud about it. That means letting children learn at their own pace, in the learning style they prefer. At HAFHA, we do this by using every learning style in our curriculum. We also offer a variety curriculum that includes arts, technology, science and physical education. A preschool environment should be well rounded and very accepting of every child and his or her interest.


If your child doesn’t feel a sense of comfort at their preschool, they won’t reach their full potential there. They need to feel comfortable, cared for and safe in order to grow and learn. Making a child comfortable is no easy task. The only way to know if your child will be in a comforting atmosphere is through talking with the teachers. Knowing they have extensive knowledge in early childhood development should put your mind at ease.


This one is more for you to determine then your little one. Making sure the preschool you select is security and has safety routines in place will help you feel better about leaving your child every day. You don’t want to spend the day worrying that your child isn’t safe. Ask about safety procedures and routines to determine if the school is safe enough for your child.


A preschool is full of children playing all day so a mess is bound to happen. But the overall feel of the facility should be clean and healthy. The school should be cleaned every day including a full disinfection of all toys that the children played with. Your child’s health and wellbeing should be a top priority to the preschool. Keeping the place clean and tidy is a sign of this.



There is a lot to consider when choosing a Holmdel preschool for your child. We hoped we helped you with your long list of things to consider. Home Away From Home Academy has been a private preschool in New Jersey for 25 years. We provide advanced education to children from three months to seven years of age. Our goal is to advance and enhance the development of a positive self-esteem in each of our students. We’re always looking to grow our family so give us a call and book a tour today!