Welcome to HAFHA

    • Individuality

      Your child is valued for his/her unique personality and for their creativity and contributions to the group

    • Education

      Your child will be provided with a variety of enriching educational opportunities in an atmosphere of loving care

    • State Qualified

      Your child is entitled to attend school in a fully licensed facility which meets or exceeds state qualifications

    • Parents

      Your child has a right to a school which recognizes and actively nurtures the child-parent relationship

    • Top Rated

      Your child is entitled to the best in early childhood education from a professional and nurturing teaching staff

    • Feel at Home

      Your child has the right to feel at Home, and the right to the loving care and attention inherent in our name

    • Accredited

      We uphold the criteria of the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools for appropriate education

    • Learning

      Your child is entitled to individualized attention, which is best provided in a caring group setting

    • Classrooms

      Your child has the right to a clean, safe classroom designed to foster the development of the whole child

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