As the holiday season quickly approaches, we take time to reflect on family and the importance of all the different diversities and family dynamics that exist in today’s society.  We are so fortunate to have such a multicultural and diverse population right under our very own roof, and with that, comes a level of acceptance and love. 

            During the time of Thanksgiving our teachers specifically teach a unit to the children about what makes a family special.  As part of this lesson the teachers discuss the different dynamics that make up a family unit, and the children truly enjoy sharing their family diversities and traditions with us.  This can include a mommy and daddy, one mommy, one daddy, two mommies, two daddies, a grandma, an uncle, etc.  It can be combinations such as these, or a blended family, or an interracial family, etc. that make up an individual family dynamic.  The list is endless when it comes to how a family is created, but the children are taught that anyone who lives with them, loves them, and takes care of them is family.

            In our society today we are surrounded by differences in ethnicity, religion, culture, gender, disabilities and more.  However, we must recognize the importance of teaching tolerance.  Tolerance is about accepting people for who they are, and treating those how you wish to be treated; an important lesson that children should be reminded of constantly.  Being tolerant and accepting others differences doesn’t mean sacrificing your own beliefs, but rather, learning to celebrate and respect the differences of others.  

            We are proud of our own celebration of differences, which is taught through our Multicultural Month in March, when the children ‘travel’ the world, and learn of different heritages, foods, languages, and more.  The tolerance that you as parents express, teaches your children how to view the world around them.    Children will mirror the values and attitudes of those that they love and look up to.  Parents who model tolerance in their everyday actions and words teach their children to appreciate differences in others.   

            Children innately do not see colors, gender differences, etc.  Children only see kind hearts; their innocence is genuine and wonderful.  Sending a strong message such as tolerance through a child can only make our society a better place, as they truly are our future.   We are so blessed that we accept multi-culturalism, and a variety of family dynamics here in our school, because by accepting others we can teach and practice these family values, and how important it is to respect all members of our society.  

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            As our classrooms present a peaceful environment for your children, we have to be confident that these values are also being taught at home, and complementing what we teach here.  Regardless of your own family dynamic, culture, color, race, gender, individual life choices, etc.; throughout the holiday season let’s work together both at school, and at home, to teach our children about love, kindness, respect, and peace.