Earth Day is this Saturday! Held every year on April 22nd, this day is meant to show support for various environmental causes and promote ways to help keep the planet clean and healthy. Initially, Earth Day was set to be held on the first day of spring, but it was later declared for its current date in April. It was first celebrated in 1970 and went international in 1990. Today, it’s celebrated worldwide with large scale events held in several different countries. In honor of this day and all it means, we’ve collected some wonderful Earth Day preschool activities you can do with your children.

Why are Earth Day Preschool Activities Important?

Promoting Earth Day preschool activities with toddlers has many benefits. A jump start in reinforcing good energy conservation habits can never be a bad thing. Helping toddlers understand why it’s important to clean up after themselves will teach them respect for the spaces around them. Ultimately, children are the future – both for us and for the planet. It’s up to them to make a difference and figure out new ways of protecting the earth.

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Teach Them About Conservation

One thing that helps not only the earth but also the bills is conserving water and energy at home. Even preschoolers can be taught important conservation habits, even if they can’t quite yet understand the bigger picture of it. You can teach them the importance of turning lights off when they’re not in use and shutting off the tap when they’re not actively using water. Leaving the tap running for even 2-3 minutes while they brush their teeth can waste a couple gallons of water.

Creating these good habits when your child is young makes it easier for them to keep up with them as they grow older. As an added bonus, it will help you save a little extra money on your energy and water bills.

Create Art and Activities with Recyclable Materials

Earth Day preschool activities present the perfect opportunity for those that love arts and crafts. For the week leading up to Earth Day, collect all the plastic bottles and containers your family uses. Set them all out on the driveway and grab a ball for a fun, homestyle version of bowling. Once the game is over, bring your little one over to take stock of how much plastic your family uses.

Old tin or aluminum cans of various shapes and sizes and with smooth edges can be washed out and decorated into holders for utensils, pencils, or various knickknacks. With a drill, some heavy duty string, glue, and a stick, they can even be made into wind chimes! There are lots of other ideas online for fun activities involving recyclables that you can try out with your children.

Plant a Tree or Garden

Planting a tree or garden is one of the best Earth Day preschool activities. It reinforced the idea of taking care of the planet. There are few things kids love more than playing around in the dirt and they have ample opportunity when planting something.

If you’re planting a tree, you can explain to your child how the tree will grow, just as he or she will grow, and all the wonderful things it will do for the environment. It will recycle the air, make a home for birds, bats, and insects, and give tired animals a shady spot to rest. If you’re planting a garden with your little one, you can help them understand all the things the plants will need in order to grow and prosper. This will help teach them that plants and trees should not be taken for granted.

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Involve Nature

One of the simplest Earth Day activities is to get outside and have some fun, especially if the weather is nice! Take your little one to the park or out for a stroll in the woods. Let them feel the grass, play in the mud, touch the trees, and explore! Talk about the things you see, hear, and smell. A game of “I Spy” can help aid the discovery process as well. One of the best ways to learn an appreciation for nature is by spending time in it.

Involving nature is a great way to teach your child to give back to the environment. Together, you can build and decorate a birdhouse or feeder to make a safe space for the birds around your home. By walking around the yard and gathering sticks, twigs, and loose grass clippings, you can even create a birds nest that can then be placed in a tree.

Much of the emphasis of Earth Day is put on cleaning up pollution. Check out your local community spaces or nature centers to see if there are any volunteer opportunities appropriate for small children. Obviously, you won’t want your little one picking up trash on the side of the road, but many parks and nature centers hold volunteer events in the spring aimed to clean green spaces after the winter.

Start Young

There are so many Earth Day preschool activities that will help you bond with your little one while also helping the planet. Children do the majority of their learning in their first few years of life. Helping them understand humanity’s impact on the earth as early as possible will go a long way in making our home a healthier, greener place in the generations to come.

At Home Away from Home Academy, we believe in providing your child the most educationally enriching experience possible. We’ve been leaders in early childhood education for decades, and our pupils go on to accomplish wonderful things. To learn more, reach out to us today and see what we can do for your little one.