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  • Leaders in Early Childhood Education

    We would like to welcome you and your child to the Home Away From Home Academy family. We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you and your child to the finest program available in early childhood education.

    Our early education programs include:
    • Individualized Curriculum
    • Parent Involvement 
    • Optimized Class Size
    • Health and Fitness Training
    • Daily Schedules
    • Transportation 
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    From 3 months to 7 years

    We have the best early childhood education programs
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  • Individualized Curriculum 

    Our curriculum covers a wide variety of topics, which are chosen to ignite the curiosity of our students, and develop their emerging intellectual, social and motor skills.

    By respecting and being responsive to the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of your child, the teacher is able to create an atmosphere, which prizes creativity and individuality and promotes a true enthusiasm for the process of discovery. 

    For more information, please request the month by month curriculum breakdown for your child’s class

  • Optimal Class Size

    By keeping our class sizes in accordance with the guidelines mandated by The Office of Licensing and the teacher to student ratio low, we are able to provide your child with positive student-teacher interaction and the opportunity to develop productive peer relationships. 

    The educational materials which are chosen to outfit the classrooms, are tailored with your child’s individual emotional, social, cognitive, and physical growth in mind. The physical facilities are clean and well maintained. All toys and equipment are disinfected on a regular basis to ensure your child’s health and safety. 

  • We have an open door policy

    You are welcome to visit at any time
  • Your Child’s Health

    When it comes to the Health and Welfare of your child, Home Away From Home Academy is at the forefront of prevention strategy. 

    Our school, which is accredited by  the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools (Middle States Accreditation team) and licensed by the state of New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services, henceforth, called The Office of Licensing requires us to maintain and strictly enforce policies pertaining to the dispensation of medication to children and the management of communicable diseases.

    With a nurse on the premise and our entire staff certified in CPR and First Aid Training with an AED on site, our school has been extremely successful in the containment of communicable diseases based on the following reasons:
    • Strict adherence to our Health Policies
    • The cleanliness of our facilities
    • The daily disinfecting process of toys, garments, table tops, cribs and other objects located in the school.
    • The extreme care and specific procedures used by each of the teachers in their classrooms
    • Our continued information to parents on the welfare of their children
    • Our notice to you on any communicable diseases that may occur in the school.
  • Parent Involvement

    Parental Involvement is the key to your child’s successful educational experience. We are committed to supporting the unequaled bond that you share with your child in his or her development. We welcome your input and encourage your involvement in your child’s formal education at Home Away From Home Academy.

    In addition to having an Open Door Policy, to encourage parental participation, we offer the following:
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Parental Orientation Night
    • Mommy & Me Tea
    • Daddy & Me Tea
    • Grandparents Day
    • Assist in Halloween Events
    • Assist in Thanksgiving Events
    • Assist on Class Trips
    • Daddy and Me Day
    • Holiday & Graduation Shows
    • Fund Raisers
    • Open House November
    • Telephone Conferences
    • Sharing a Special Talent
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Birthday Parties
    • Special Events
  • Social and Emotional Goals
    • To assist the child in developing an understanding of self
    • To help the child to discover and express their feelings in socially acceptable ways
    • To establish cooperative behavior
    • To provide outlets for and encourage the growth of creativity and individual expression
    • To encourage a feeling of cultural identity and acceptance of cultural diversity
    Physical Goals
    • To develop fine motor coordination and dexterity
    • To promote the development of gross motor skills
    • To develop hand-eye coordination
  • Intellectual Goals
    • To explore and come to comprehend mathematical concepts such as classification, sequence, quantities, numeral recognition, and spatial relations
    • To develop and gain an appreciation and proficiency for written and verbal language skills, such as figure-ground relations, letter recognition, left-to-right progression, initial consonant sounds, and the relationship between the spoken and written word
    • To examine properties of objects and how those properties can be changed
    • To be able to process and respond to auditory information
    • To promote the development of higher level thinking skills
    • To introduce and enhance technical and computer skills

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Top Features
Open Door Policy

Our school always has an open door. Feel free to come visit any day at any time.

Health and Safety

We value the health of your child. Facilities and toys are cleaned daily to avoid infections.

Positive Learning Environment

We’re here to encourage your child through all academic and personal development.

Program with After School Care

We offer extended days up to 6:30pm for children who also need after-school care.

Our Staff
Our school is accredited by the Middle States Elementary Commission. Our staff surpasses state requirements and is certified in CPR. Our full-time staff includes:
  • State Certified Teachers
  • Full-time Registered nurse
  • Speech pathologist on call
  • Child Study Team on call