It is important to have good classroom management at all ages but it is essential when you have a classroom with early childhood education. There must be clear expectations and routine if teaching and learning is going to happen. Young children tend to strive better in structured environments, and it helps them feel more comfortable in their classroom. Activities should be engaging and keep them busy. It makes it easier when the children are working in small groups. This gives the teachers more one-on-one time and it helps focus on specific skills. These groups should be limited to 15 – 20 minutes so the children are not getting bored and can be fully involved in all the groups that are set forth for them. Transitioning between activities can be challenging but can be tamed with a song, a routine, or a simple game. The children will respond more to positive feedback and encouraging words than they do to threats or punishments. The most effective teachers should be flexible and not afraid to make changes.