jillianJillian graduated Home Away From Home Academy in 2009.  She began as an infant, and left after kindergarten.  Jillian is now 12 years old, and in 7th grade in Middletown.  I could not be more proud that my daughter is never afraid to perform or speak in public.  This is by far the best thing that she took away from her education at HAFHA.  The school instills the confidence to speak in public, as the children are afforded many opportunities to do so through circle time, special jobs, and performing in major productions.  Her current teachers have communicated to me that when they need a student to stand up, project their voice, and speak – Jillian is an obvious choice.  It gives me, as a parent, such comfort in knowing that she is never embarrassed to stand up and accomplish such a task that most adults cannot.  I am also pleased to state that Jillian has maintained an extracurricular activity as a competitive dancer for Kelly’s Dance Loft.  Her love for performing, beginning at HAFHA, has been able to follow a continuum through her expression of dance.  This is yet another opportunity where she performs on a stage in front of hundreds of people without reserve.  I am not only proud of my daughter, but thankful to HAFHA for the tools to set forth these accomplishments.