Most of who a person is, their personality, mindset, and way of being are all established in the first six years of a child’s life. In fact studies have shown that nearly half of lifelong learning takes place in the first six years of life. For most adults of the previous generations, school didn’t start until age six. With today’s focus on early childhood education, only the best private preschool can begin the educational process long before age six.

Carmine and Phyllis Visone, owners of the Home Away from Home Academy (HAFHA) believe that children can be given the right tools and guidance in the early stages of development. They have had a dedication to education for over twenty years. As the best private preschool in New Jersey they help mold young minds into adults who are not only academically smart, but critical thinkers as well. They help children use the information learned, to lead productive and abundant lives, established on the foundation of education started at HAFHA.

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Carmine and Phyllis Visone have a common sense philosophy that they use in their approach to childhood education, and focus on the whole child at every turn. Contrast this to a daycare, which are more or less are over paid baby sitters. They will keep an eye on your children but how does a daycare stimulate your child’s growth? How will their young minds grow in an environment that isn’t focused on learning? What if you waited six years to teach your child to walk, talk or behave? You would be starting way behind the curve. This is true of education as well.

The Visone Method is so successful in the academy, they explain it in their Publisher’s Choice Award winning book “The Visone Method: The New Era of Childhood Education”. They do this so anyone with young children, whether they attend their school or not could practice the Visone Method. Research has shown that children who are taught the Visone Method usually go onto the Gifted and Talented Education programs when they move on into the primary grades. The Visones have enthusiasm, integrity and actually care about the children they teach.

HAFHA is one of the best private preschools in New Jersey. They have a mission to know and value every child in their care. Their school programs help children not only to become smarter, but they garner consideration for others and grow a commitment to lifelong learning in every child they teach. They create a strong sense of achievement. Which mean when your child goes into the first grade, they aren’t starting fresh into the learning process, it is already instilled in them.

Imagine your child going into first grade, confident and prepared for the educational experience they have ahead of them. Unlike the first grade of last generation where you had to learn to hold a crayon and color a duck, today’s first grade is challenging even for parents, your little first grader will come home with a book bag packed with books and homework the first week of a public school program.

Children who have participated in an early childhood education program are prepared for the educational experience of first grade and beyond from day one of school. HAFHA creates an environment of optimism towards learning, your child will be excited and want to learn.

At the academy your child wont just be babysat, they will grow your child into the naturally curious individual they were born to be. They have a positive discipline process that goes beyond the typical timeout in a corner method. Their approach to discipline garners respect for the child and sets clear boundary’s for them in their ever changing environment.

When considering the growth and education of a child, no viable option should be left off the table, and you can do no better than the best private preschool in New Jersey for your child. HAFHA is fully accredited by the Middle States Elementary Commission. They have teachers that surpass state certification requirements which means they are not just performing at the bare minimum. They have a full time registered nurse, something many public school don’t have even part time. They also have a Child Study Team and a speech pathologist.

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There are programs from the infant level all the way up to second grade to make sure your child grows to his or her maximum potential. They have summer programs, after school activities, and a physical education program. Located on the border of Holmdel and Aberdeen New Jersey, HAFHA promises to promote growth during the earliest years of your child’s life. The owner and staff continue to improve the quality of education and relationships with students that families have come to expect. They have individualized curriculum, optimal class size and an open door policy for families.

We want what’s best for your child, and so when you are ready to look at the best private preschool in New Jersey, think Home Away From Home Academy, to enroll your child you can contact HAFHA by phone 732-290-0033 by fax 732-441-9085 or via their postal address Home Away From Home Academy 1182 Highway 34 Aberdeen, NJ 07747.