There are many good reasons to send your child to a Monmouth County private day school. Private day schools are privately owned institutions that require tuition. These schools work within a standard school day and calendar. A low student-teacher ratio ensures that your child will be given more attention and supervision as they learn. Whether you want your gifted child to be in an accelerated academic atmosphere, or you want your child with special needs in a more accommodating learning environment, a Monmouth County Private Day School is a great option for your family. Many parents know that they want to send their child to a day school but do not know how to find the right school. Today we will be discussing some things to bear in mind as you search for the right Monmouth County private day school.

Choosing the Right Monmouth County Private Day School

There are many things to take into consideration while looking for a private day school. Because these schools are all privately owned, they differ greatly one from another. As you compare and contrast different possibilities, keep consider the following:

Is the Tuition Price in Your Budget? Many times, money can be an issue when looking for a private day school. Because these institutions are privately owned, they require that you pay tuition. However, just because the tuition of a specific school is outside the range of your budget doesn’t mean that sending your child there is completely out of the question. Find out if there are scholarships that your child could earn or inquire if financial aid is available to your family. When choosing a private day school, tuition is only one aspect of the cost to consider. You should also find out if there are any additional fees for uniforms, text books or transportation.  After considering all these factors, you will have a much firmer grasp on whether or not sending your child to the school in question is a viable option.

Ask For Opinions | Monmouth County Private Day School

As you look into schools, ask for recommendations from people in your networks. You can ask friends, relatives, associates and neighbors if they know anybody who went to a private school. If you have friends with children at private schools, ask them for recommendations. You can reach out on social media networks to see if anybody has any experience sending their children to private day schools. Listen to everybody’s opinion that you can. This will give you a more clear understanding of what to expect.

What Specifics Are You Looking For?

Every parent has different reasons for sending their children to private day schools. Maybe you are among those searching for a rigorous academic program, or maybe you’re looking for greater emphasis on a certain aspect of education such as arts or music. Maybe you want a nurturing, warm environment. Whatever the case may be, make a list of things that you are looking for in a school before you begin to search. As you research different schools, make sure that they meet your requirements. Visit their websites and check out their statistics. Once you find some schools that meet your requirements, schedule a visit to take a tour of the institution. Speak to the staff, teachers, administrators and students. Ask if there are clubs, sports teams and enrichment classes to join. If the school provides everything you want, then you may have found a good match!

Credentials of the Teachers and Staff

As you look for a private day school, look into the credentials of the teachers who work there. Have they earned specialized degrees in their field, such as math or science? Is there a high turnover rate of teachers? Check out the qualifications of the principal and see how long has he or she been in their field. Ask questions about the curriculum to find out things such as what books they use, how much homework is given on daily basis, what standardized tests are administered to the students and the school’s average test scores compared to national standards. You don’t want to spend money on a school that won’t provide a quality education.

How Is Discipline Handled?

Discipline is a topic that often goes overlooked. However, it is very important that you understand how discipline is handled by the school. Do they give children timeouts or are they sent to the principle’s office? Do they get after school detention? You must make sure that you are on the same page about discipline as the school. When you take a tour of the school, take note of the student’s behavior. You want to make sure that the students are interested in class and are under control. As you see the school, imagine your child sitting in the classroom and ask yourself if that situation feels “right.” Additionally, you should ask upfront questions like: “What action has been taken in the past after a physical altercation?” “How is cheating handled?” “Have children ever been expelled from the school, and why?”

Home Away From Home Academy | Monmouth County Day School

Home Away From Home Academy (HAFHA) is a Monmouth County private day school that is located on the border of Holmdel and Aberdeen. HAFHA was created to promote the development and growth of young children during the earliest and most formative years of their lives. The mission of the owners and teachers at HAFHA is to improve the quality education students and families have come to expect. The director takes an active part in daily operations and is readily available to answer any questions you may have. For more information, call us today at: 732-290-0033 or visit out website:

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