March is Multicultural Month at Home Away From Home Academy, and we celebrate like no other!  This week we will be celebrating Heritage Week. Students will learn about a variety of different heritages to extend their knowledge of culture and community. Through various activities children will learn about cultures in Italy, France, Ireland, Austria, and South Africa.

The school transforms into a mini Epcot Center, with each classroom representing a different country.  The children first enter into Ellis Island where they have their passport stamped, sign the Wall of Honor, and get a medical inspection by the 60-second doctors.  Then, the S.S. HAFHA sets sail as the children “travel” from country to country learning about all the different cultures.  This year we represented Italy, France, Ireland, Austria, and South Africa. The suitcases are filled with souvenirs, and passports full of stamps.  Such an exciting, educational event!

Check out some adventures from Italy!

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Check back later in the week for more updates on the student’s adventures!

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