Nature what a wonderful, mystical place. Our earth provides us with so many opportunities to appreciate the nature that surrounds us on a daily basis. As the weather warms and the sun shines, we should use this time to take learning outside. Curiosity in young children is a great tool to use for a learning opportunity. Grasp that curiosity and wonder and turn it into a Science lesson, Math lesson, or even a Reading lesson. Here are some helpful suggestions for taking the learning outside:

• Purchase bug nets and containers. Go on a bug hunt with the children. Catch bugs and research what they are
• Go on a leaf hunt. Take pictures of assorted plants and flowers. Research the type
• Go outside and read a book
• Collect shells and group them into different types. Graph them.
• Go on a scavenger hunt: Find things that begin with a certain letter.
• Visit a farm. Talk to the children about how farms were such an important part of life long ago. (social studies)
• Watch clouds. Do you see certain shapes?
• Collect rocks. Talk about different types and how rocks are formed.
• Fill buckets with water. Do experiments with sink and float.
• Go to a park, see if you can find things that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
• Get a disposable camera for each child. Take a walk. Have children take random pictures of nature. Make a nature photo album at the end of the school year.
• Take a nature walk have children count how many steps they took during the walk.
• Go out on the sidewalk. Give children a paint brush and water. Paint water pictures.
• Go out on the sidewalk with chalk. Have children write their numbers or letters.

The ideas are endless. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy what nature holds. Bring learning outside and maybe not only the children will learn something but we grown-ups can too.


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir