As a New Jersey (NJ) parent, where you send your child to preschool is of a top priority. The best environment can nurture and education children as a whole – both emotionally and academically.

Summer is just around the corner, and that means you’re starting to think about enrolling your preschool age child in their first school setting. You want what’s best for your young one – the best and most qualified professionals backed by a strong philosophy and teaching background in order to help launch your child into his or her educational and developmental career.

When searching for a preschool in Holmdel NJ, there are many factors to consider. But one factor often gets overlooked – is your young one having fun in a nurturing and productive learning environment? Here at the Home Away From Home Academy (HAFHA), we rely on the Visone method to help develop your child as a whole. We do in it a way that’s nurturing and reliable for your young student.

You should send your young student to the best type of preschool environment – one that is fun and stimulating while also nurturing.


Below are three great preschool level games that will allow your children to have fun while also expanding their minds in one of the top Holmdel NJ Preschools – HAFHA.

Nutrition and Fitness Are a Priority: Take Them Outside

When we think about academic strength and health, we don’t often think of physical health in union with this development in our children. In reality, physically healthy and happy kids are more equipped to develop more quickly in an academic environment, focus more intently and focus in a calm environment.

Taking your preschoolers out for a game of safety tag or some playground rom-around to get those little hearts pumping and those brains racing. The use of different toys are often a good way to get kids up and moving. Have them play with a kite, dig in the ground with some safety shovels or climb on the jungle gym. A Healthy body will better help them develop a healthy mind.

Help Them Develop Their Emotions: Trust Exercises in Class

Emotional development is just as important as academic development, helping to better develop your child as a whole as opposed to simply focusing on education. In order to help better develop your child emotionally, have them interact with one another in an open and structured environment.

Preschooler can benefit from activities such as trust exercises to help them get to know one another more personally in the classroom. Icebreakers, open book discussions and activities such as show and tell will help to develop their sense of self and put them on an accelerated developmental track.

Education Includes All the Senses: Try Something Olfactory

Education should include all the senses. We teach our students using taste, touch, hearing and vision quite often, but the sense of smell is often more difficult to bring into the classroom. Stimulating the sense of smell can help to bring a fresh perspective to the preschool classroom.



Consider offering your child different flavors at snack time. For classroom activities, the sense of smell can be stimulated through different art projects and the use of safety scented markers and other scented art projects.

The Home Away From Home Academy (HAFHA) is owned by Carmine and Phyllis Visone, and aims to provide the right kind of play and guidance to educate children as a whole, giving them a more individualistic education experience. To find out more about how you can enroll your kids, contact us.