Are you looking for the best Monmouth County preschool to send you child to? There are numerous benefits to sending you child to a privately owned preschool. Study after study has shown that kids who have been exposed to a quality preschool education are at a great advantage in life. They are more likely to do better in higher levels of school, and are more likely to have a higher paying job compared to those who didn’t have a solid preschool foundation. Kids who had a quality preschool education are less likely to do drugs or commit crimes than children who didn’t attend. Unfortunately, deciding on a school for your child can often times seem overwhelming. You know that you want to send you child to best Monmouth County preschool, but how do you make the right choice? Today, we will be looking at some vital things to look for in a preschool before you send you child.

Best Monmouth County Preschool | What To Look For

Make sure they teach early reading and math skills. Kids who learn to read early are set up for future success in future education experiences. The reading level of a child by the completion of first grade determines graduation rates and even their income level as an adult. There is no better time to begin math and reading than preschool. The very best preschools help ready children advance beyond age norms, but they also nurture children who are behind so they catch up in these early years. As you look at schools, check to see if the curriculum includes math and reading material. Additionally, ask the teachers what is included in the program and what your child will be learning as the year progresses. If you visit the school in person, keep an eye out for books, the alphabet on the walls, maps, clocks, and puzzles. Most importantly, ask the director about the curriculum. All great preschools will readily share their philosophies on early literacy and math.

Make sure the kids get to play outdoors and indoors. It’s no secret that young children need to be active for developmental reasons. Physical activities such as games and crafts help cognitive development as well as fine motor skill development. One of the major pitfalls of many daycare centers and preschools is the lack of physical activity built into the daily routine. Ask to see if the students are provided with a recess or a time to play outside. Additionally, ask about what types of indoor games and activities are provided. Even less physical activities like coloring, painting and building with blocks develops the hand-eye skills that children need. If the school you are looking at doesn’t provide these activities, you should look elsewhere.

Make sure children can pursue their educational interests. Kids who get to choose certain educational activities excel in an educational environment. Multiple scientific studies have concluded that preschool aged children who are presented with the opportunity to make choices instead of being told what to do by a teacher have better long term social and life outcomes on a variety of measures. Obviously, you want to make sure that there is a structure and a curriculum designed to teach literacy, math, and science skills, you also want to be sure that the day is peppered with opportunities for your child to choose his own activities. As you look at different schools, ask the director if there are periods of time where children are able to choose what to do at different stations.

Make sure that the preschool has great teachers! Teachers are the most important aspect of your child’s preschool educational experience. This is because the teachers spend the most time with the students and have the most impactful influence on them during their day. For this reason, you must make sure that the teachers are excellent at what they do.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to evaluate the teachers before having sent your child to the school.

How can you assess the teacher’s abilities before you enroll your child? Great teachers can build natural bonds with children to make them feel comfortable and reassured. A good teacher student connection creates a comfortable environment where your child feels secure to take risks and try new things. When you visit a new school, make sure to thoroughly observe student-teacher interaction. Take notice of how the teacher interacts with the students. Do the teachers connect with them at their level? Do they encourage critical thinking by asking opened ended questions and asking for interaction?  Playtime is another time to observe the way the teachers handle the kids. Great teachers encourage students to interact with each other and build relationships. Great teachers encourage students to play well together by sharing and taking turns.  Teachers who possess these abilities are equipped to help your child along the path of a great education.

Looking for the Best Monmouth Private Preschool?

Home Away From Home Academy, or HAFHA is considered by many NJ families to be the best Monmouth County preschool. HAFHA is a leading Monmouth County private preschool that was founded upon the mission to promote the growth in children during the earliest and most impactful years of their development. The directors, staff and teachers are always working hard to constantly improve the quality of education that students and families have come to expect. For more information on this Monmouth County private preschool, you can call at (732)290-0033 or visit the website. We are ready to answer any and every question you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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