When you’re searching for the best Holmdel preschool, you’re also searching for the best Holmdel preschool teachers. A preschool has nothing without a wonderful staff, and here at Home Away From Home Academy, we have teachers that go above and beyond. But what makes a great preschool teacher? Here you will find the top qualities you want to find in a preschool teacher and the qualities that we search for in all of our staff.

Best Holmdel Preschool

Passion | Best Holmdel Preschool

Here at HAFHA, we are passionate about kids and giving them a positive learning experience for a bright future. Our mission is to value and know each child, influence them to care for others, and convict them to a lifelong path of learning. This mission takes a lot of passion and conviction to live out. The job of a certified preschool teacher often holds many challenges without seeing the fruits of your labor. A preschool teacher sets a foundation of learning emotionally and intellectually for a lifetime. We start our students on paths to greatness during a very critical stage in their life. Three and four-year-olds only just start to learn right from wrong at this age, and some days your kids will be angels, other days they will not. It takes a lot of passion for our teachers to give your preschooler a great experience.


Your child starts to learn patterns of manners and cleanliness during the preschool years, which requires a lot of patience. Each child has a different developmental learning curve, so some children may need more help than others grasping a concept. They start to learn basic math and literacy concepts, motor skills, as well as how to treat their peers. We want to value and know each child, especially when a child needs help. It takes special people to have the patience to encourage children in their learning, and to help them develop at their own pace. Frustration with children does not help. We work to lovingly correct their mistakes and encourage them towards better choices and growth.

Creativity | Best Holmdel Preschool

We encourage creativity in the arts and music from our students, but we know each child has their own creative side in a variety of subjects. A good teacher will spend time with each child to know their strengths, and encourage their creativity during playtime, arts and music, and math and reading. The best teachers also have a lot of creative abilities to work with the children they have, to give them a fun time, and to teach them the in ways that help them most.


Preschool does have structure, but it has a much more flexible structure. Sometimes plans don’t work out, or sometimes a lesson plan needs to change. Preschool is often the most unpredictable of grades. It takes a flexible and calm personality to go with the flow with these kids. It’s best to work with them where they are than to fight them. Even when minor problems occur, our teachers need to have the flexibility to make it work. From a plan ruined by a rainy day, or a child needing extra help with the lesson, our teachers will put your child’s needs first.

Dedication | Best Holmdel Preschool

Lastly, each of our teachers is dedicated to your child’s future and well-being. Each teacher is dedicated to a career of helping your child by helping them grow in their social and cognitive skills. They will also want to involve you during these developmental stages. Our teachers will always work to know your child and how to help them most.

These are the characteristics you want in your child’s teacher in the best Holmdel preschool. If you want these kinds of teachers, consider Home Away From Home Academy. Learn more by visiting our website or call 732-290-0033.