Everyone knows that summer camp provides kids the opportunity to learn and stay active during the months when school is out. While its benefits for school-age children has been well documented, did you know that summer camp can be equally beneficial for preschoolers? While some parents think that preschool-age may be too young to send toddlers to camp for the summer, the experience can actually be very helpful in preparing them for school. This especially true if your child will be attending preschool in the coming fall.

Start Preparing them for School

Summer camp provides your toddler with a gentle introduction to structure. Summer camps follow a schedule, but they’re generally a little more relaxed than those of school. This way, your little one can get used to following a new routine. In addition, they also learn to follow rules and expectations set forth by adults that are not their parents. These experiences will help them easily adjust to listening and respecting their teachers later on when school starts.

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Early exposure to life without mom and dad also cuts down on the amount of separation anxiety your toddler may experience when the first day of school comes around. It’s very common for children to develop separation anxiety in some form or another in their first years of life. Summer camp is an easy way to help them manage without parents because there are so many fun activities to help keep them distracted.


Many children, especially those who’ve never been to daycare, can benefit from the socialization opportunity that summer camp offers. Once children begin school, they’ll spend a large part of their day with other children. They’ll have to learn how to behave and communicate in large group settings. The abilities to get along and cooperate with others are vital to long-term success in life, so the earlier your child can learn them the better. Summer camp will provide early exposure to important lessons like cooperating with others and learning to share.  

Develop and Practice Skills

In addition to learning important social skills, summer camps also help develop your child’s motor and cognitive abilities. Many programs incorporate crafting or writing, allowing your toddler to practice holding writing utensils, hand-eye coordination, and motor control. Some camps will cover a wide variety of these skills, while others will focus on one specific interest or area.

For instance, if your child loves to draw, you can sign them up for an arts and crafts camp where they will be able to focus on and refine these skills. Or, if your primary goal is to make sure your little one spends plenty of time outside having fun in the sun, they can attend a camp focused on physical activity and play. Some programs may even introduce your toddler to the swimming pool. Camps are so diverse now that there’s sure to be something for everyone.

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Summer camps allow toddlers the opportunity to forge some early independence. They also teach them some preliminary skills that will become useful for the rest of their lives. Most importantly, while all of these social and cognitive skills are being developed, your little one is also having fun! Many parents take comfort in the knowledge that their child can experience significant cognitive growth and learning while still enjoying themselves over the summer. It helps prepare them for the school year to come.

Home Away From Home Academy has been offering trustworthy and reliable summer camp programs for years. We offer a variety of different summer camps where children of various age groups can come together for a truly wonderful summer. Whether you’re looking to give your toddler a leg up into the new school year, you’re seeking to keep your child fit and active outside, or anything in between, we have a program to accommodate. Registration for our summer programs is open from March 6th – March 10th. For questions, contact us or stop in between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm to register your child!