The school year is finally here again, and for preschool goers and parents, it’s an even bigger day. Parents and their children face a unique set of challenges in sending their kids off to an educational setting for the first time.

In New Jersey (NJ), back to school signals the end of the summer, beach days at the shore and often the craziness that comes with being let loose for the summer. It can be hard to get your kids settled into a routine in their new Holmdel preschool.

New surrounding s and routines can create excitement in families and in classmates, but it can also cause a bit of anxiety for those who are a part of this process for the first time.

For more information on how to prepare your child for his or her first day of preschool, contact your local top Holmdel preschool professional for ideas and tricks on how to make the first day go smoothly.

In these situations, mom and dad have the most control. We’re sharing some of our top tips for parents to get through that first day at preschool, making it a good one for everyone.

Bring them into the school setting before the first day.

The scariest part of a new school year is that you won’t be there. Until now, you have probably been the most constant presence in their life, and starting preschool means that they will have to start all of this without you.

Bring them into the school before the first day to get them acclimated to a different setting. Introduce them to the teachers and caretakers ahead of time so they can have met everyone beforehand. If you know any other children or families that are enrolled in the preschool or in the same classroom, perhaps consider setting up a play date ahead of time so not everyone in the room is a stranger.

Introduce them to the classroom yourself.

During this initial visit, walk around the classroom with your new preschooler. Introduce them to new areas, especially in the nap time area in which he or she will be sleeping. It’s important that he or she feel comfortable there.

Also show them the new toys and games they will be playing with. Find some objects of interest for them to get excited about on the first day of school. It may help make the transition a bit easier.

Give their feelings a name, don’t just let them cry.

Kids tend to express all of their feelings through crying. Giving their feelings a name will help them cope with them. For example, if your child starts to cry when you leave them the first day say to him or her, “I know you’re feeling nervous and maybe a bit sad about me leaving. I will miss you today too, and I’ll be so happy to see you at the end of your day.”

This will not only help them on their first day, but pointing out different emotions and naming them will also help your children develop socially.

Incorporate new sleeping patterns before the first day.

Preschool generally includes nap time. If the nap time for your preschooler is a drastically different time that when your child takes his or her naps now, start to make the transition before the first day of school.

Feeling well rested and like there hasn’t been a huge break in routine will help your child cope with this major transition.

Name a few activities for them to be excited for throughout the day.

If your child can look forward to something during the day, then it may help make them a little less sad throughout the day without you there. Maybe talk to them about lunch time with their friends, or get them excited about what they’re going to be eating that day.

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