As the owner of a private school in the State of NJ, I can honestly say that America’s greatness still exists in the hands of millions of parents, moms, dads and grandparents who are truly dedicated to their children building strong character, and instilling the difference between right and wrong in them.

As Americans, we will always stand great as long as we instill the strength of the family.  Self-sacrifice for each and every member of our family serves a purpose of strength, love, and stability that will eventually flow into our community, our neighborhood, our town, and our nation.  It is my opinion that the greatness of our country is not founded on material things nor our monetary worth, but in the character of our people, and the strength of building our families.  If we are all willing to keep our family commitments and surrender to challenges beyond our comfort level to make each and every one of our lives better, we can only shape a better a nation.