Parents may want to get their children into an Aberdeen private day school for a a variety of reasons. A child may have special needs. Or perhaps they’re seeking an advanced academic environment for a gifted child. Maybe they are trying to find an Aberdeen private day school that emphasizes religious beliefs. Often times, parents are just looking for a more structured learning atmosphere with smaller classes and more careful supervision. But even if an Aberdeen private day school offers what parents are looking for, how do they know if it’s a perfect fit?

Selecting a Aberdeen Private Day School

Things to look into when choosing a school:

  • The Price. Can it fit your budget? Will you be able to get financial aid or scholarship money? Will there be any additional cost such as uniforms, supplies, transportation, and separate academic or boarding fees? These are things that one must keep in mind.
  • Ask friends, neighbors and educators for recommendations. In some cases, public school administrators or teachers are familiar with Aberdeen private day schools. Ask them for an opinion. If you have friends with children at a Aberdeen private day school, ask them for recommendations. They’d have no reason to be dishonest with you.
  • Program. Do you want a rigorous academic program? Or perhaps you would like a certain emphasis, like in the arts or music. Maybe you want a nurturing, warm environment. Make a list of qualities and then seek them out.
  • Year round versus standard school year. Maybe you want an Aberdeen private day school that offers year round school. Students typically get the same number of days off during the year as in a traditional school year with breaks given throughout the year.
  • Schedule a visit and tour. Meet the teachers, the administrators and the students. Check out the facility.
  • Look at class size and compare with the public schools in your area. Look at their statistics. Most of this information is available on the school’s websites.
  • Check out the credentials of the teachers. Do they have specialized degrees in their areas, such as math or chemistry? How long have the teachers been on staff? Also check into the principal or headmaster/headmistress. What are his or her qualifications, and how long has he or she been there?
  • Ask specific questions about the curriculum. What books do they use? What is the focus? How much homework will your child be expected to do on a daily basis? Inquire about test scores. What standardized tests are taken and how do the school’s scores compare to national standards. Also, where do these children go after leaving the school? Do they have problems getting into their schools/colleges of their choice?
  • Ask about their grading system. How many tests are there per week on the average? What is the test taking policy. Will they have entrance and/or exit exams?
  • Ask how discipline is handled. Is it time out, visits to the principal or extra assignments? As you tour the Aberdeen private day school, look at the behavior in the classroom. Is it under control or out of hand? Do the students appear interested or bored?
  • Ask about clubs, sports teams and enrichment classes to join. Request a list of opportunities for the child.
  • Ask for the level of parental involvement. Is it hands-on in the classroom? Will you feel welcome at the school? Is there a parent-teacher organization, and what activities does the group perform?

You want to be as hands-on with your choice as possible to ensure that both you and your child are happy with your academic choice. Asking too many questions is never a bad thing!

Looking for an Excellent Aberdeen Private Day School?

Located on the border of Holmdel and Aberdeen, HAFHA was established to promote the growth of children during the earliest and most formative years of their social, intellectual, and physical development. The owners and administrative staff continually aim to improve the quality education students and families have come to expect. The owners and director take an active part in daily operations and are readily available to answer any questions you may have. For more information on this Monmouth County private day school, you can call at (732)290-0033 or visit the website.

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