Encourage children to engage in communication as early as you can! Early development of communication skills can prompt kids to take more of an interest in reading at an earlier age, and consequently be more successful in school. Earlier communication also removes a source of frustration for children. Being unable to express themselves can be very annoying as we can all imagine! So keep your listening ears open and give your children as much positive reassurance at home as you can. The communication process may begin at home, but teachers at your nearby private preschool are also trained specifically to help your child communicate. Here are five ways a private preschool teacher will help develop your child’s language skills:

Sign Language

Sign language is an up and coming means of communication for children. The technique originally used only for disabled people, is now also used by little ones who have not learned how to say everything they want to say. Sign language has likely been implemented by your local private preschool to give your child some relief when it comes to expressing himself/herself.

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Read Over and Over and Over

Read, read, read! Reading many books many times will actively engage the minds of preschool students. Repetition is so important at this age and can really help kids associate words with meanings. Teachers will ask children what they see in pictures and involve them in the reading process as well. This will get kids speaking, asking questions, and listening more attentively throughout a story. For older preschoolers, teachers may even ask some questions after a story to encourage children to listen better and to form an opinion about the story.

Label Items

Private preschool teachers will also engage students by labeling every item they pick up or every action they complete. This way, students can more easily connect the two. Some teachers may even put physical labels on certain toys or books, so that children can begin recognizing letters of the alphabet and even stringing some words together.

Make Music Together

Music is a great means of language. We can express ourselves with words, with music, or with any noise we can come up with. Making music can be a means of expression, it can also be a team building exercise if more than one toddler is making music at the same time. It encourages children to know when is appropriate to speak and when is appropriate to listen. Another important aspect of communication.

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Constantly Talk With Them

One of the easiest, most important ways private preschool teachers will develop language skills is simply by talking with your children all day long. Your kids may not yet be able to say much back or make the most sense while talking, but knowing someone is listening will give them confidence to want to get better and to speak more often. It’s important that every child is heard, and that’s another reason why ratios are so important in a room. There will only be so many kids per teacher, so that teachers can keep an eye on children’s safety, and so that kids can get the attention they deserve.

Developing language skills at a young age can make things easier down the road. However, it also allows your child the benefit of a deeper relationship with everyone around them. At HAFHA, we take pride in our efforts to strengthen all of our students’ language skills. Our teachers are trained and qualified to keep your children safe and to give them the education they need. Contact us today with any questions or for a tour!