Parents can put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to choosing the best preschool. The truth is there are a lot of good ones out there, so really do your research. But also know beforehand what exactly you’re looking for. If your child comes home every day with a smile on his/her face, that’s a great sign that you’ve chosen the right Redbank preschool. Here are some other superb signs that you have chosen the right school for your young one:

1. The Teachers are Certified

When you leave your young children in the hands of others, you expect these caregivers to be qualified to deal with anything that may happen in your absence. That’s why having certified teachers is important. The head teacher in your child’s room should have at least a bachelor’s in child development or education. Teacher Assistants do not need to have this type of education, but should have some sort of childcare experience. It’s also important that your teachers are CPR and First Aid certified. Accidents happen, and accidents happen even more often with younger children. Whether it’s a choking incident, or a fall on the playground, you deserve to trust in the fact that the teacher will be able to handle the problem.

2. Their Nutritional Approach Fits Your Needs

Knowing what your child consumes on a day to day basis is very important as he/she grows. You know you’ve chosen the right preschool when they can give you feedback on your child’s appetite and preferences. The right Redbank preschool will also cater to food allergies. A close eye will be kept on younger children who need to avoid peanuts, eggs, etc. Be aware of how often your child is being fed as well. Is there snack time? What time is lunch? These are the types of questions that need to be answered daily.

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3. You Approve of Their Educational Approach

You know you’ve chosen the right Redbank preschool, when the right amount of time is spent on play and outdoor time vs. learning time. With children this age there needs to be a good balance to learn social interaction as well as learning things like the alphabet. As a parent you also deserve to know if a certain focus exists educationally, whether it’s religious, parent-run, etc. Or perhaps your child is simultaneously being taught two languages, or maybe even sign language. Choose a school that offers just what your child needs to grow.

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4. Appropriate Discipline Exists

Every parent has their own method of disciplining their child. However, when you send your child to preschool, disciplining will be left in the hands of the teacher. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be thorough communication and compromise when it comes to disciplining though. Every parent deserves to know a preschool’s policy on disciplining, as well as times when they have to discipline your child. Are they using time-out? Taking treats away? How is your child being punished?

Communication is key when it comes to having a healthy relationship with your Redbank preschool. Make sure that teachers make you aware when your child has misbehaved, so that you have an opportunity to encourage good behavior at home as well.

5. Your Child is an Individual

No one wants their child to be forgotten among a group of youngsters. In a big group, children may miss out on deserved attention, educational techniques, or even just love and care. For the safety of each individual student, the right Redbank preschool will stick to small ratios between teachers and students to maintain lots of attention for every child. Your child should be a name not a number!

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