Perhaps you’re a parent and you work from home part-time. Technically speaking, it would be feasible for you to keep one eye on your child and one eye on the computer while you speed through your twenty hours of work every week. But consider the other option from your child’s standpoint. Sending them to preschool could be very exciting for them — a way to make friends.

Yes he/she wouldn’t be in the comfort of their own home every day, but getting out of their comfort zone could be a great thing. Number one it’ll help prepare them for kindergarten mentally and socially. And number two for those twenty hours a week, they’ll receive a bit more attention from other students and from their teacher than you can give them (not to mention give you some better focus time). Besides just making friends though, what are the other social benefits of sending your child to preschool in Aberdeen NJ?


The development of trust starts at a young age, that’s why routine and consistency is so important for kids. It’s also important that children are open to trusting people outside of their family members. This won’t be something that can be learned overnight, but that’s all the more reason to begin engaging them with other people now. Preschools allow children the social benefit of being around other adults and other students who care about them and help them when they need it.

The routine of you coming to pick them up at a certain time also strengthens their trust in you as a parent, and that they can be left for a period of time without you forgetting them. This increases a child’s independence and awareness of individuality as well.  


We can’t always get what we want. Isn’t that how the song goes? This is something that all children tend to struggle with — patience. Going to preschool in Aberdeen, NJ addresses this ever long struggle of toddlers, teaching them the value of waiting their turn. With other children around in a classroom, your child may not be able to have instant gratification. This is SO important! Learning this from a young age will only make kindergarten and years after that much easier. It also encourages sharing among younger children.

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One of the most obvious social benefits of preschool in Aberdeen, NJ is companionship. Especially for children who do not have other siblings at home, preschool can be a great way to keep kids from feeling lonely. And just think friendships that start at preschool can extend to playdates down the road. Companionship is also important because your child learns to communicate with kids their own age and not just with their parents. They can find common ground and talk about what they’re both interested in. Companionship also makes children more accepting of differences among themselves.

preschool in Aberdeen


Preschool in Aberdeen, NJ above all else allows your child to develop a personality. With their new found independence at school, parents may notice that their child has begun having more of a voice. This could be the result of having to speak up at preschool about their wants and needs. This is a wonderful thing that will only enhance their individuality and help you get to know your child even better.

When you send your kids to preschool, the main focus is safety. Safety and peace of mind while you are at work or away is something that will always be of primary importance. But at HAFHA we want to take it a step further. We guarantee to challenge your child’s learning and social capabilities. We want them to grow to be the best kindergartener and eventually the best young adult they can be. Contact us today for information and a tour of our preschool!