When it comes to the care and development of your child, you always want what is best. In New Jersey (NJ) there are several choices for preschool and all provide different points of view on how to raise a child for the best possible performance in academia and in social experiences.

Here at the Home Away From Home Academy (HAFHA), we foster positive self-esteem in our students in order to help them succeed in all aspects of their preschool development.

For more information on HAFHA’s Visone method, please contact us to discuss how the fostering of self-esteem and wholesome outlook on a child’s development will benefit him or her in a preschool setting.

Self-esteem affects us in every single aspect of our lives. It can touch our careers, our ability to build relationships and whether or not we have a positive or negative outlook on life as a whole. Because of this, we start with the basics in preschool, helping children to build a strong foundation in the three areas below, setting them up for success in their futures.

Check out the three ways in which we ensure you child will come out of his or her preschool experience with good self-esteem.

Communicate With Confidence

When students understand their passions, they can communicate better. When understand their distinctive learning abilities and growth dynamics, helping them to better communication about what they enjoy learning.

When kids feel like you understand what they’re saying, and even more importantly, value what they are saying, their confidence levels rise. This will allow them to branch out and provide them with the self-esteem necessary to build relationships and communicate with others. Communications skills are important in an academic setting as well. If a student is struggling in a certain area, good communication skills will help he or she ask for the right type of help and give him or her the confidence to do so.

Every Child is Known and Valued

We understand that every child is an individual, and help them foster a positive sense of self with the attention that they need. This attention is not solely for the purpose of giving them the attention they need to develop academically and socially – although this is a critical part of our preschool process.

Treating every child like an individual and giving them attention does something else important – it shows the child that he or she is known, taken into consideration and value in the social setting that he or she is a part of every day. This is critical in a preschool setting where children are exposed to their first social settings of their academic careers.

Optimism towards Learning

When your child feels excited to learn, they feel more confident in their ability to do so, creating better self-esteem. When they feel like they are not only good a subject, but also feel as though they are good at figuring our problems or tackling subjects that they may not be automatically good at, they foster a great self-esteem in an academic environment and set themselves up for success in the future.

This is done by a specific set of teaching and learning tools that you can learn about by reading about the Visone method.

The Home Away From Home Academy (HAFHA) is owned by Carmine and Phyllis Visone, and aims to provide the right kind of play and guidance to educate children as a whole, giving them a more individualistic education experience. To find out more about how you can enroll your kids, contact us.